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January 31, 2005

The beard is for Siobhan

Tis a Devendra Banhart song, don'tcha know.

So Siobhan can't come ce soir, she's having her hair done at 4pm Birmingham time, and thus won't be out for hours cos she's also having highlights. Tis a shame, cos I would've loved to see her, but at the same time…
There are so not enough hours in the day!! People can always say "ah well make time", but as someone who has been chained to her desk for the bulk of the weekend, seriously, you would go mad if you were too efficient with the hours! In fact I think it may be too late.

Having said that, I'm only up at this hour cos I need to do my French homework. I got up nearly an hour ago, but I'm so knackered that it's taken this long for my brain to kick into gear enough to understand English, let alone French.

As I was discussing with my dear friend, Uncle Ben , yesterday evening, being busy isn't a bad thing, but boy does it make being lazy feel soooo good. Although it is a bit unsettling going from actually making use of time to wondering how much telly you can possibly watch in ten hours.

I can't believe it's week 5 already. I know everyone says it, but knowing how busy I am for the next couple of weeks, I know the rest of the term will just vanish before my eyes. Just picturing the sheer volume of academic work I need to do, pitted against the amount of academic stuff I need to absolutely know, for exams, is more than a little overwhelming. I miss the days where I enjoyed my degree….though having said that, it was so long ago (if it happened) that I don't know when exactly that was.

I have enjoyed all the none-academic stuff of uni more than I ever could have imagined, and gone further with it then I ever thought I'd be able to, and I've had an amazing time. This, combined with new-found uncertainty of what the hell I want to do for the next decade or so, has made me ponder the POSSIBILITY of staying around and doing something else, but I don't want to plan too much. I once spoke of plans and aims and stuff, my aim at the moment is to just get through the other side without getting some sort of nasty ill (have definitely not been sleeping enough for the past ten days or so) and to do my work properly. Aim by the end of the academic year is to have set up stuff to be getting on with, and also to see what happens as a result of an application for a postgrad course in smelly London, and a scholarship somewhere else in smelly London.

All that aside, I can't wait to have a free weekend, have been itching to go somewhere near the sea. Want to feel the sea wind in my hair and slapping me across the face, and to just sit and watch and listen and not be busy.

Hmm, million other things to write that I've just not had time to, in fact I shouldn't really have written this much, but last two things: Boogie Nights? Shit nights. Also if anyone knows the girl who tore ligaments in her leg on said Boogie Nights, is she ok?

January 27, 2005

Neighbours confusion

Right, caught another episode of Neighbours and thus am confused once more:

*I've probably been told this before, but is Sky the daugher of Joe? Or at least, meant to be

*Has Libby turned into some sort of serial sex addict? Why did she look so weird after her one night stand with Alessandro?

*What the hell is going on with Conor and that weird girl?

*What happened after the announcement that whatsisface was Serena's half brother?

*Could Lyn and Susan wear any more make up if they tried?

*What's been happening with Izzy and Karl?

January 26, 2005

Oh! and how could I forget…

Follow-up to Rubicon! Drink of kings from Hub of Creativity...

The first in the new series of The O.C.

Rubicon! Drink of kings

No really, it is

I want to write so much on my blog that I've been meaning to for days, but can't really justify spending all the time writing it.

Various issues include:

*The tear-jerker (of all time?) that I'm watching, Maine Pyaar Kiya, an old favourite.

*My radio show & Compact Disco


*Green Day gig

*NME gig

*Interviews with The Futureheads and the Kaiser Chiefs

*BOTB 2005 on RaW

*Union AGM

*Hot water bottles

*Slipper socks

*Low sugar low salt baked beans

*Cheese and party rings


*21st birthday


*Modest Mouse





Hmm, worrying percentage of those are food….

January 23, 2005


The worth (roughly) of the review tickets sitting on my desk. Well, only til the morning, by which time they will all be used or distributed! I have 2 x Green Day Brixton Academy, 2 x Green Day Birmingham NIA, 2 x NME Awards Tour 2005 Birmingham Academy and 2 x The Others Birmingham Academy.

Hmm how time flies when you're staring into space, as I have been doing for the past 40minutes. Oops. Think this blog will be more efficiently written tomorrow morning, when I will start my day in super efficient mode in order to get everything done before I use one of those Green Day tickets…

Oh, and seeing as noone has responded to my earlier post, Ben Ashmore for CDCO!

January 21, 2005

Chewy banana chips

An interesting phenomenon. Got them from Oxfam (where I had temptations to by Donna Summer, Joan Armatrading and…gah I've forgotten her name on vinyl, but just all those names my parents used to bandy about when I was diddy but I didn't really absorb or retain any of the musical delights) and they are curious, sometimes I think they're yummy and sometimes they make me feel ill.

Fondue, food of Gods
I think I've probably said this before, but fondue, even as a concept, is amazing. Following some tomato soup kindly made for me by my housemate, I got to work! Firstly, I chopped up the nasty Wensleydale with lemon peel cheese that my parents palmed off on to me after Christmas and that is positively nasty when not melted and just about tolerable when melted. Then I chucked it in my fondue device (Christmas present) with some Gruyere, some cheddar, and some beer. While it was melting, I pulled out the honey and sunflower seed mini-loaf that I bought earlier in the day with the intention of eating fondue later, and chopped it into cubes (ish). The cheese turned out not that yummy in the end (that lemony cheese really is nasty) so i didn't inflict it on anyone else, but it was good in principle.

Then, I washed out the fondue bits and bobs to make dessert….chocolate fondue! Excellent. Also involved use of the mini grater that came with all the bits and bobs. Chocolate was yummy so I shared with my housemates, but after over sickliness when dipping mini marshmallows in, had to convert to the grapes, it was really yummy.

Only thing missing?? Meat fondue!! Yes where you have hot oil on the fondue thingy, and little bits of marinated meat to cook in the oil, and plenty of sauces for more dipping-fun.

Mirage - Meat-market Mark II
I say Mark II, cos I see Sugar on a Tuesday as Mark I.
Last night I wore a short skirt, but made out of nice black suede, with the intention of not going to Mirage and thus not having to worry all that much about icky sleazy men leering at me and lunging for me (past Sugar experience in similar situation resulted in bum being pinched numerous times by hands I couldn't see) but being able to dress up for once (hey I am a slob a lot of the rest of the time, it's nice to dress up once in a while).
So yeah, I went to Mirage and was disappointed to be one of many many many many girls in short skirts. Or even just skirts, I saw maybe five girls in trousers, and most of those were skin-tights. I'm sure it's a treat for the guys, and maybe the girls just want to dress up also, but there's short skirt, and there's "here let me frame my arse with a scrap of material".
Also another random point: Contact lenses so many people wear them! I do wear mine sometimes when I fancy it, but couldn't be bothered yesterday, and I saw 6 people wearing glasses, 3 of which (inlcuding me) I was at Mirage with. As one guy who came up to me and shook my hand incessantly told me, I was one of few that were "keeping it real!!"

Talking of short skirts, I had to mentally slap myself yesterday for thinking "hmm, thighs are a bit chunky" which is clearly a blatant lie cos I physically don't have enough flesh on me to have chunky thighs. Either my vision or my mood was completely warped, but it did make me ponder how erratic self image is. Sometimes I think I look ok, sometimes I look in the mirror and think "ick" but I think that's normal. I don't think I've ever thought I'm stunning, but I think thinking like that is also pretty normal, I don't know that there are many girls that think they look stunning, and if they do they either seem to be of the type that won't admit it or are massively big-headed about it…an odd mix. Either way, ultimately, I'm happy, things could be a hell of a lot worse and when I am feeling level-headed, I can say that looks aren't everything and really mean it.

i said a hip hop the hippie the hippie
to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop
the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie
to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat
Ah Rappers Delight, TUNE!
Anyway, this relates to the fact that one good thing about going to Mirage last night, is that I remembered how much I like dancing to pop (a la Girls Aloud and Britney) and also Hip Hop and a smidgen of RnB. I do love going to Snobs, Ramshackle, Rollercoaster, Resurrection, Crash etc etc etc because I love the music to bits and dancing to it all is muchly fun, but part of the reason that Ramshackle is one of my favourites out of that list, is that they play "stompin indie and funky shit" so I get to do some hip-hoppin also.

Mess is a funny thing. For all you mucky pups out there with a mess threshold (I am one of them) remember that when you are living with people, you have to operate at the lowest threshold (just like when you go on DofE and walk at the speed of the slowest walker).
This is because if your threshold is higher and you refuse to do anything much until then, people with lower thresholds will be lumbered cleaning up your mess! And you will do f all (or at least very little), so keep that in mind.

Hmm, quite amazingly, I have more to blog about but I am all blogged out, and the ol RSI playing up again. Time to actually get off my arse and make bacon and stop eating Party Rings, by god they are sugar in the best form ever, but following the chocolate fondue, I've really quite overdone the sugar intake for the day.

Ben Ashmore for CDCO

And this brings me to the first point of my blog today: what are the rules of use of blogs in Sabb elections?? ARE there any rules?

Warwick blogs has many implications for such a democratic event. Blogs could be 'sponsored' by potential Sabbs, or indeed bloggers could sponsor their own choice of Sabbs and it could become a big extension of their campaigns.

Also just as student media aren't allowed to endorse candidates, what about blogs belonging to people that are part of the student media that also use their blog to advertise their media involvment?? i.e. Am I actually allowed to say Ben Ashmore for CDCO, being an active and obvious member of not only RaW, but of the RaW exec, but then again Ben does have RaW's endorsement as a society.

Another example is the existence of the Donkeypunch blog which is clearly affiliated to RaW so how much can they mention about the Sabb elections? I find all this very interesting because if blogs are allowed to be used as part of a campaign, it's a whole different game…

January 20, 2005

The lethality of beermats

No really, they look like pathetic bits of card, but when used appropriately, they CAN numb your nose for approximately 30minutes, leaving a surprisingly obvious mark.

Hmm, so today I guested on the lovely Ben and Andy's show (hence the beermat injury!) but mainly just sat around listening in the studio. seemed a bit silly to listen from the control room when they were right there? Radio may be an audio-only medium, but why not have moving pictures and live sound if you can do. Being on a show like that with general wittiness from many people makes me feel very uninteresting and un-fun. Sometimes my brain is slower than I'd like it to be…well ok, a lot of the time, and also my memory used to be really good for absolutely everything but over the past year or so it's gotten really shit. Old age or other things that I won't mention? Who knows.

I also went to the gym again this morning, those endorphins did make me geel good! REALLY exhausted myself today though, worked out harder than last week and was already tired when I started, so I was a bit dizzy after and walking up all the steps to the radio station nearly killed me!

Aside from that I have had shockingly low amounts of sleep since Friday, partly due to bed, partly due to being thoughtful. My thoughtfulness has gotten a bit out of hand. Not like thinking of serious deep and meaningful things, just my mind wandering from one random things to the next. I can be thinking about food, music, certain songs and bands, shoes, or pondering really randomly stupid yet amusing questions, but I find it really hard to just switch off and sleep, but recently it's extended into finding it hard to switch off and get sleepy in the first place!

Talking of which, I started writing this ages ago then couldn't remember what else I wanted to write and still can't and have just been messing about since. Hot milk and sleep…

January 18, 2005

Head vs. Heart, Round 1

I find the whole head/heart issue quite curious.

I used to be certain that it was heart heart heart all the way, but unfortunately as I've gotten older I've seen the sense of logical thought processes, more and more.

However, rather than make life easier (heads are often the more sensible ones of the two) it seems to have just caused conflict, as I still try my best to think with my heart.

This results in me going round and round in circles about things, my head is all sensible and is like the angel on my shoulder, my heart tells my head to bloody well piss off and so my thoughts just go round and round in circles, I go mad, nothing is solved.

All a bit crazy really.

January 17, 2005

Neeeeeeeeighbours (everyone needs good ones)

So I just watched Neighbours for the first time in months (never home when it's on)

Could someone please clarify the following:

  • Who the hell is Travis? What are his connections?
  • Where the hell is Joe and what's he doing now?
  • Why is Lyn being weird with Jack?
  • Summer is creepy. That's just a statement.
  • Why did only Serena and her grandma know that whatshisface was Serena's half brother?
  • What was Boyd up to?
  • Why have Toadie and Stuart fallen out again?
  • Where's Skye gone?

Your answers please!!

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