February 20, 2005

Weekend? What weekend?

So somehow, yet again, my weekend has mysteriously vanished and here I am having a short break post 4 hours of doing the playlist (which, don't get me wrong, I do muchly enjoy, but hey, I do have a degree too :S).

Friday day I was a combination of ill and sleep-less in the morning so called in sick to work, though it was actually more of a "I feel really moose, do you need me?" To which they said yes we do, but stay in bed, and almost immediately hung up before I could say anything. I promptly went back to sleep and got up just in time to get myself together and do my show (Mark was absent) and then…I dunno what I did, oh yes! To the library to finish my French essay and type it up and hand it in. Then home for dinner (yes, it wasn't a sandwich…I don't think) then drive to Birmingham (a maigcal mystery tour cos I was guessing which way I was going, in the dark, but didn't get lost, woo!) and me and Romin went out….. (All this written after the next bit:)
Friday night….I can't even remember where I was….no really, where the hell was I…...Oh yes! Birmingham Academy seeing MKG lady, who's lovely. The night was good, except for Snow Patrol's inability to pay attention to the in house DJ and thus play EVERYTHING he played, once more. And then some. By that I mean that the night saw 5 Green Day songs and 5 Razorlight songs and numerous Franz Ferdinand songs (though one was a very interesting remix of Jacqueline with something else), though all credit to them for playing some really interesting stuff and a nice big mix of Soul, Hip Hop and alternative other.

I overslept, by which I mean I got up at 10 after 6 hours sleep (if that) and had breakfast and stuff then back to Leamington we went, where I had a cleaning blitz of my room and clothes (ahhh clean, tidy room) and then did some work and stuff then parents came and we went for dinner at Zizzi's Pizza (newly opened in Leam). I had Spaghetti con Polpette: mmmm spicy meatballs. Also had a poor excuse for an apple crumble (too much crumble not enough apple). Went home, sat down, didn't move for ages because I was full to the max. Did some work. Popped to Skool Dayz.

Now, the music at Skool Dayz was confusing the hell out of me. I'm pretty sure the point is that there's music you grew up to, but we were treated to a fair bit of stuff from at least our first year at uni and even Green Day – American Idiot, and The Killers – Somebody Told Me. Some good stuff from growing up years was played and then cut off, not doing well on dance floor? No idea. They did, however, play the Saved By The Bell theme tune, aaaaah happy memories.

Anyway, came home, went to bed as quick as possible because I was half asleep coming through the front door.

Got up a lot later than I meant to, but wanted to make sure I got decent sleep too. Went for coffee with Fiona which was cool, also had some brunch while I was there (after midday but first meal, brunch, yes?). Then went home, hung up wet clothes (shit just remembered there's some still outside, hope it's not snowed/rained/hailed/other bad weather phenomenons), went to a ballet rehearsal in my new ballet shoes. All the dances for the Tap Show are looking really good. The warm up did kill me though. Then back home and straight on to the playlist, and now here I am. Time to do my French presentation and article analysis.

The End.

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