May 29, 2005

Side notes

The Maximo Park album is indeed awesome, shaping up to be one of my favourite albums of the year I think. I may have reviewed Employment for the Beeb but I've not listened to it, or missed it, in weeks. I was listening to it and warbling along feeling quite grown up being home alone at my home house, which is very weird seeing as I'm never alone in it in the evenings (my parents have no social life). However, while I was doing this, I was chopping mushrooms and had left garlic in what I thought was a moderately hot pan. All of a sudden, the eyes burn for the second smoking today (oil overheating incident at Chesham earlier) and hayfever is fucking me in the eye also (somewhat literally).

Hmm, downstairs still smells like burnt garlic.

I also took too much glee in changing stuff round in the kitchen cupboards, which will piss my dad off and is in petty retaliation for him changing my room round whenever I'm absent. ("I made it how I would have it").

Crash was really cool on Friday (and was in honour of Jamie 's 22nd birthday. I had loads of fun, both inside the union and on the piazza beforehand and in The Funk House afterwards. While on the piazza I was trying to coax everyone into the union so that I could dance. Being as alcohol is cheaper outside the union, they invented music for me instead, only it was the kind that required a top hat and cane and tap shoes, none of which I actually had, so I had to have imaginary ones (and nearly fell flat on my face as there was an aerial liquitab over where someone had been sick...hmm, kinda glad I didn't fall over). Anyways, much dancing WAS done in the end and there are some amusing photos over at Milly's blog , I've not uploaded mine yet on account of doing STUPID PROJECT.

Alas there are no photos of Milly and I going mental to Best of You (after I'd coaxed them into playing that instead of Breakout [I think] or All My Life) and I think we scared everyone with our mass of long, loose hair, sreaming of words and going all over the place. It was definitely good exercise! Woke up with a sore throat though - this was also courtesy of Ramshackle favourite RATM - Killing In The Name Of which was much loved.

Also a question courtesy of Mr Glass: Do you have a natural rhythm?

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  1. Ooooh, I love a good "Album of the Year" debate in June, mainly because I find the best albums are usually released towards the end of the year and it's always interesting to see how opinions change.

    That having been said if anyone can trump Arcade Fire's 'Funeral' or Bloc Party's 'Silent Alarm', I'd love to hear it.

    30 May 2005, 00:53

  2. I can indeed trump it…granted Funeral is a bumspankingly awesome album, beaten though by Nashville by Josh Rouse which Ms Singh will agree is awesome.

    But both of those and every other album this year will be beaten by the double aceness that is the return of the Foo Fighters with "In Your Honour" I don't own it yet, and I've only heard a smattering of songs but i just know this will be THE album of the year…definitely going to be the best album this year
    And the mighty return starts tomorow with the release of the first single Best Of You…get to all good music shops and bad ones as well…and buy it!!

    30 May 2005, 01:03

  3. Shall

    Yup, and I've said to Mr Ashmore already that I have decided that In Your Honour will be my definitive album of the year, but Holly, point well made: last year my favourite album was A Ha Shake Heartbreak which I think only came out in December…at least that was the first time I got time to listen to it!

    Funeral is amazing and yes, is one of my album's of the year. I haven't heard Silent Alarm yet, but I will controversially say that from their offerings so far: good tunes, but it's not going to be up there on my top 5 or so. An album which might be, but haven't had time to listen to it yet (though its lovely shade of pink stares up at me from my bedroom floor) is Death From Above 1979's album, You're a Woman, I'm a Machine . Additionally, having heard a smattering of Rilo Kiley's album The Execution of All Things (first released in 2003 but then again ni Feb 2005) at The House of Chesham, that might well be up there somewhere too.

    And yes, of course Mr Ashmore, Nashville has definitely given my ears a good tickling.

    30 May 2005, 13:32

  4. I'm eagerly awaiting the Five O'clock Heroes album which I don't think even has a release date yet. If Run to Her and Head Games are typical songs than the albums going to be amazing.

    Also I apologise Shall if I jumped all over you / showered you in beer on Friday. I had very little control of my body.

    30 May 2005, 19:03

  5. Shall

    Nope, don't worry, I was injury/beer coverage free! Five O'Clock Heroes yes, ones to be watched!

    30 May 2005, 22:07

  6. The Maximo Park album for me definitely does have a whole lot more substance to it than the Kaiser Chiefs offering. But I was glad to see that todays edition of Planet Sound (Telexetext, C4, page 354) joins my msn usernmame in naming the album of year..

    01 Jun 2005, 15:18

  7. Telexetext? hmm..

    01 Jun 2005, 15:19

  8. I haven't got any teletext that works in this house, but I'm sure I can guess :)

    01 Jun 2005, 15:34

  9. :) Sorry!

    01 Jun 2005, 23:03

  10. I would like to blow my own trumpet (like Prince ribs have been removed) in the whole – spruce up your blog with a maximo park lyric…
    i thank you


    02 Jun 2005, 14:40

  11. Justifiably blow Mr 1 is a million

    02 Jun 2005, 15:03

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