April 03, 2006

Reading festival 2006 acts

Oops, meant to blog about this when I got back and totally forgot. And was doing a spot of late night baking.

Met the lovely Katie after 'work' and went to the Carling Reading & Leeds festival lineup, launch…if that's the right terminology. It took place in a West End venue (oo, ominous) where we ate many a dainty can ape and drank several sea-breeze cocktails. All complementary of course. Such is the nature of press thingummies. Dahling.

Famous faces I recognised were Sarah Cawood and then one who turned out to be there on a work duty: Colin 'What age are ya?' Murray (Dan WC, that was for you).

I also saw some of the More editorial team who seemed to be interviewing Colin Murray for a bit, and I swear I saw one of them exchanging numbers with him. Ah to be a proper journalist.

ANYWAY. The lineup.

Headliners: Pearl Jam, Muse, Franz Ferdinand

And others: Belle & Sebastian, Primal Scream, Placebo, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Streets, Feeder and Maximo Park.

The Lock-up stage acts are still to be announced. Apparently Belle & Sebastian were due to turn up, as was Grant from Feeder. Lucky for me, I've already seen the latter

And now, back to watching Newsnight and reading Ingo for work.

I'll definitely fill in days 1 to 7 on my blog tomorrow.

Definitely. Certainly. Surely.

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  1. Ooh get you luvvie! I just wrote about Newsnight on my blog. Didn't like it much. :p

    03 Apr 2006, 23:43

  2. fuuuuuuck

    pearl jam.


    anyway, i'm sorry i missed you when you came to town, i will have to attack you soon! kiss kiss bang bang. :D

    08 Apr 2006, 13:41

  3. Cat

    Just came across your blog while googling for my own Colin Murray interview write-up following the Reading Fest launch!
    So those girls were from More mag were they… I was waiting for ages behind the BBC Berkshire girls to interview Colin, and when they moved away, these three girls jumped in. Three! To interview one guy! And only one of them was taking notes – hardly any at that. 100wpm shorthand? I think not. I'll have to nose through More in WHSmiths to see what they got out of it.
    Spoke to Colin eventually, lovely guy, if a bit hairy. Didn't spot Sarah Cawood, honestly I'm rubbish at celeb spotting. Hovered at the bar for a bit, it was only when I moved away that I realised I'd been standing next to the Mean Fiddler main man Vince Power. For a journalist, my powers of observation are a tad poor.
    If you were wondering who polished off the last of the Sea Breezes, I'm afraid it was me. The barman reckoned they'd run out of vodka, then found a bottle with about an eighth left in the bottom, and made me one up with the rest of that. It was quite strong. How I found my way back to Paddington I don't know.

    09 Apr 2006, 22:29

  4. Cat

    Ha! Just had a look at the rest of your blog, see you work for Sugar magazine! How funny! I've been joking all week that I reckoned the girls who queue-jumped to Colin (with the help of a PR person I must add) were from Sugar! But you're obviously lovely people and would do no such thing.
    You should have chatted to him, I'm sure he would have been up for it. The girl waiting behind me was on work experience on a local paper, I told him to be nice to her and he promised he would! Although his quotes may not have been totally suitable for your readership. I work for another local paper in Berkshire – if you want to see the results of my tet-a-tet with Col, it should be up on our website, www.newburytoday.co.uk in a few days.
    Good luck with your job by the way. I'll be checking up on your blog to see how you get on!

    09 Apr 2006, 22:42

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