July 15, 2005

First the day to day

Well RaW at the ICG I think was a huge success. I had loads of fun being the one back at the studio and coordinating music in fill with live reports, recordings, interviews and loads and loads of e-mails in from everywhere from Bahrain to Holland to Canada to the U.S.A. It was lovely to have people actually enjoy our output and be vocal about it. Some of the messages sent in and some of the output can be accessed at the RaW website .

Unfortunately we were so busy that I didn't get to do any interview editing and docu making and more importantly: didn't get to go to Fopp. I think this was good for my soul but I will have to escape there a.s.a.p. (work permitting: the London Fopp isn't as good as the Lemmingtown one).

I am itching to blog about the Werchter festival which I attended at the start of the hols but that's going to have to wait because 4 days of music is going to be mammoth to review and I need to move to London and start that there job.

Also, I have done another album review which you can check out here at BBC music interactive

In my opinion it's an album definitely worth getting, though it'll take a while to adjust to the super short tracks and the surprise insertion of much slower tracks than the rock that The Subways are becoming renowned for. Check out this band live if you can as they're amazing to watch. this is their website if you want more details of any tours

Of course I have just returned from sometimes in Welshie land and much fun was had on the beach, in a static caravan, at a theme park (Oakwood), erecting a gazebo, in Milly's house and at Mel's birthday celebrations (mmm pineapple and cheese). Chad Michael Murray: fitty

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  1. Is the London Fopp really not as good? I keep meaning to find it but the only times I ever seem to be able to stumble across it are when I'm meandering round the area on a night out!

    15 Jul 2005, 16:02

  2. It really isn't, it's probably about the same size, but feels more cramped as is the same size spread over three floors and they don't seem to have as many offers and things on.

    It's on one end of Shaftesbury Avenue…NOT the Neal Street/Tottenham Court Road end and yes, I also stumbled across it by accident! It's hidden away on a corner.

    15 Jul 2005, 16:19

  3. Yeah, I eventually looked it up on a map. I had (hazy) memories of it being somewhere between Leicester Square and Covent Garden, so was always looking for it when I was in the vacinity; turns up it was another block or two up.

    15 Jul 2005, 23:19

  4. Ooh the London Fopp is far too congested for its own good… I too accidentally stumbled upon it one day – it's that kind of place. Is there only one in London then?

    19 Jul 2005, 11:45

  5. Talia

    Yes only one, but you're wrong Shall. The London fopp is equally as good.

    I dunno about the value of fopp in these heady days of cheap internet albums tho. But still the £3 cds at the till always catch me out! :D

    19 Jul 2005, 13:24

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