June 01, 2005

Coldplay revoo

3 out of 5 stars

I'm sure this has been done absolutely everywhere else. But I'm curious to see people's verdicts. I've had a bit of an overdose of it on Radio 1's Coldplay day and Kerrang's NOT Coldplay day * snigger * and I am warming to a couple of the tracks, but I still think there's that something missing. I think it's Swallowed in the Sea that has a familiar sound to it, not that it sounds like another song, but I agree with Will and Guy (who appeared in an interview with Steve Lamacq on the Monday) that it does have that kind of feel that makes you think you might have heard it before.

Overall so far though, not as enthralled as I hoped I might be

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  1. Well you know what I think… I'm with NME (9/10), Q (5/5; masterpiece) Planet Sound (9/10; Album of 2005)

    In case anyone hasn't heard the album there are lots of slightly reduced quality versions knocking around, including this one apparently recorded off the album stream that was on coldplay.com until yesterday:

    Anyway, four sample moments which confirm this album's greatness:

    1. On next single Fix You, played on the OC the other week, the song explodes as all the other members of the band join in to sing "tears stream, down your face…". This album is about all four members in a very obvious way… the bass, drums and guitar is all excellent, really excellent, and on this song they join in for one of the moments that has led Chris Martin to speak of "gospel rock", whatever that is. Sublime.

    2. On the awesome White Shadows we come down to some organ that cries out to be played at a festival with lazers, over which Chris's vocal drifts "swimming on a sea of faces…"

    3. Towards the end Talk, radically reworked from the version which I downloaded following the leak about 3 months ago the song builds through a slightly less conventional song structure. The guitars squall, Jonny "Guitar hero AND great name" Buckland fires his riff once more and Chris cries "so you dunno where you're going and you wanna talk"

    4. The album ends, you're still in shock at its beauty, and then Chris chuckles, as if to say "hey I don't care if it's cool or not but I'm gonna play the song I wrote for Jonny Cash". And he does.

    There are so many great moments though. I'm disappointed you didn't love it Shall – I hope you'll give it another go!

    01 Jun 2005, 16:00

  2. I am giving it many goes Jimmy! Heck, I'll probably end up buying it but I won't know why.

    01 Jun 2005, 16:52

  3. They butchered Talk unfortunately. The leaked version was far better. Square One gets my vote for best track.

    01 Jun 2005, 17:52

  4. Shall

    Jimmy you must've been way ahead on the o.c.'s! I just watched the episode with Fix You on it and it hasn't even been on telly yet…unless I didn't notice it on another episode.

    01 Jun 2005, 18:59

  5. Maybe that episode was on in America.. I'm going by the discussion on the forum.

    On the subject of Talk the original version was more conventional; and certainly the new ones just as good. It does however show that maybe they fiddled around slightly too neurotically in the studio.

    01 Jun 2005, 23:01

  6. The album sounds all the same apart from swallowed by the sea and the bonus track (which promises much but delivers little)
    i just think that they have tried to make a u2 album

    The lyrics are dodgy at best, granted he sure knows how to spin a tune and put maximum emotion into the whole album but really, is there anything here that wasnt done better on the previous two albums…
    Jimmyim sure there is but multiple listens tells me there aint

    02 Jun 2005, 14:43

  7. Jimmy I'm giving it three more listens, then it's out on its ear. Meanwhile, I am agreeing with Jack and Bashmore.

    02 Jun 2005, 15:04

  8. I heard Fix You this morning on Whiley and wasn't much taken by it. Mesmells Third Album Syndrome. Remember Be Here Now? Q gave that 5 stars before Everyone decided it stank (stunk?).

    02 Jun 2005, 16:30

  9. stank

    02 Jun 2005, 16:40

  10. Yup indeed they did…
    Good reviews usually point to hype and not actual content (esp for a band of that size) Be Here Now obv being the best example where you couldnt move for a docu or article about oasis.

    03 Jun 2005, 09:29

  11. Incidentally I think The Guardian's review was a lot better and more accurate. Check it out, kids

    03 Jun 2005, 09:29

  12. Yezdi Patel

    Unforgettable Fire pt 2

    I know these comparasons have been made before but each time I listen to Colplay I keep comming to the same conclusion. They are a softer version of U2. From the guitar riffs to vocals there a amazing similarities. Especially on Talk version 1 with a hushed Chris sounding a lot like a young Bono. It doesnt help that he is a theme lyricist like Bono is. Eg. ok i get it..you love solving puzzles. and Bono I know you just love using love. Dont mean to be a rag. And I do enjoy Colplay's music immensily.

    With Bono's voice failing fast and this is prob the last tour worth seeing. I loook forward to Coldplay being the best live band out there. Although they will never ever be as good as thier idol.

    If I could give em one piece of advice would be to rock a little rather than roll.

    08 Jun 2005, 07:06

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