February 28, 2006

Celebrity slutting

Having been in London for ages (well, since July) I seem to have suddenly started spotting famous people (not including people at work things, that would be cheating).

Last year I merely walked past…

and I walked past a well known rower (can't remember which one) and Daniel Bedingfield (not together) too. I had to have…
Jeff isn
pointed out to me by Milly and took some convincing that it was even him.

I can't remember whether it was this year or last, when I kicked this man's car:
Hokey Cokey
and he had the same smug look when he was too busy gassing on his mobile to pay attention to the fact that his gallumping (what does that word mean?) SUV was in the way of people trying to cross. Admittedly I kicked the car before I knew it was him, but I'd do it again…

Then on the 18th of Feb, after the NME Awards, there was a post-gig triple spot in the foyer of Brixton Academy (they're like ruddy buses I tell you). These sprightly, young types hadn't left after Arctic Monkeys (well done)
I think I
She's stalking Ricky , apparently.

And a mere 3 days later, I found myself lunching in the company of…
in The Hollybush in Hampstead

But I was more interested by dining next to…
He was cute
at The Providores last night. He's cute, but alas he was with his girlfriend (as if that's the defining factor(!))

That London. It's a funny place.

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  1. Call me provincial but I have no idea who half of those people are!

    I did see Stephen Fry and Dennis Thatcher in one day whilat in London once…

    28 Feb 2006, 18:48

  2. Lee Davis

    I couldn't tell you who any of them are, though I'm not reknowned for my 'celebrity' identifiying abilites.

    28 Feb 2006, 19:52

  3. Alex Zane – in the flesh – jealous!!! Mmmmmmmm – is he as purdy as he is on the tellybox?

    28 Feb 2006, 20:23

  4. The tellybox! Of course, if I watch the tube of joy I will know these people! Thanks Heather…

    28 Feb 2006, 22:26

  5. That really is a lot of famous people. Don't know who half of them are, but well done!

    01 Mar 2006, 10:35

  6. I'm clued up on celeb land now that I work here, but I would've known them before I started!

    In order:
    Elle MacPherson
    Richard Doyle (off Coupling)
    Richard Bacon
    Dermot O'Leary
    Alex Zane
    Fearne Cotton
    Paul Nicholls
    Grant from Feeder

    And I'm about to add in another one that I forgot…and I saw one last night too

    01 Mar 2006, 10:59

  7. PS Alex Zane is FIT

    01 Mar 2006, 10:59

  8. Chuck Norris shook my sister's hand in the pub last year – FACT!!!
    Obviously the only reason she wasn't instantly vapourised by the touch of the Chuckster was because she didn't know who he was. Idiot!

    01 Mar 2006, 19:37

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