December 30, 2004

Bullring: Like a boxing ring…

…in the sense that the sales will make you want to club people round the face. (Gloves not required)

So today, I braved the madness that is the 'winter' (surely can't really call them January anymore) sales. Only mad because the entire Midlands flocks to the Bullring and apparently, NO ONE HAS A JOB. and if they do, they've taken a week off to spend all their hard earned money. The Bullring was swarming with greedy shoppers, all after that essential once in a lifetime bargain, and willing to KILL to get it.

I met my friend Siobhan by the infamous brass bull. I was waiting around for her a bit, and whilst waiting saw a passing lecturer of mine, and also a guy that used to be on the telly on that BBC programme about getting the nation fitter…can't remember the name of either the person or the name. Also there was a whole host of people swarming around the "get your free can of diet coke here" stand.

As expected, there wasn't much stuff left that I liked and that also would fit me, and also I didn't have much energy to look, too many people. Whilst I don't like being alone, I don't like tooooo many people either. It was really quite crazy. I did manage to have a good time with Siobhan though, as I've not seen her in ages (weird St Andrews term dates) and also I did manage to come away with a hat and a posh dress that will never fit me if I ever put on so much as an ounce, but fits lovely as it is. Siobhan then went home, and I COULD'VE shopped for another two hours, but so wasn't in the mood.

On the train back, sat opposite two teenagers that I wanted to clobber'n'all. I HATE litterbugs. They were eating Love Hearts and chucking the bits of paper all over the place, then finished a bottle of Diet Coke and casually tossed it on the floor. GRRRR, made me so mad, turned my iPod up super loud and simmered in silence.

There were some CDs I wanted also, but none of them were in the sale and couldn't bring myself to part with quite that much money when I knew I could get em cheaper elsewhere. Would quite like to be having a listen to them now though.

My Anti-Bullying wristband arrived today. How glad am I that although Small did indeed mean chiddler-sized, I have tiny wrists and not too massive hands, so it fits just right.

Ahh can't wait till tomorrow. I get to go outdoors again, and meet people and everything! When I was born, I think the instructions in my box omitted to mention "under no circumstances should be kept without a companion, siblings compulsory". At least then I'd have someone to talk to, or at the very least squabble with.

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