November 22, 2004


I could write about the Student Radio Awards also, but I feel Dan summed it up nicely in his blog

On a random note, I find it hilarious that you can listen to JoJo's cover of Times Like These

It's blasphemy, but it's cool to hear a girl sing it, even if it is JoJo

Incidentally got my bag back from the Colly, with everything in it, but still have to wait til Thursday til I can go and pick up my cards from the bank. Think I'm going to ask for compensation, even if there was an "Items left an owner's risk" sign (which there wasn't) surely that doesn't include staff being unable to match up numbers, initials and descriptions.

Right, not for the title, and a big rant. 2much2young was the title of tonight's Panorama. Watching it made me SO ANGRY. There was a 9 year old saying she doesn't like to be called a little girl, cos it "reminds me of my childhood", who wouldn't hang out with someone if they were a "no name nicky", because she'd get picked on if she did, who openly admitted to manipulating in her parents into getting her certain things for christmas, who had a portable DVD player, TV and fancy stereo in her room, whose favourite outfit made her look like a tart.

It f***s me off that parents let their little kids (and in the grand scale of things, they ARE little) wear stuff like that, and wear make up, and heels, and hotpants, and miniskirts, and bikinis, because then they stress about paedophiles as if it's a problem that has nothing to do with them, but they buy and let their kids wear, low cut tops and tight miniskirts. It actually makes me feel sick thinking about it.

There was also a number of other little brats (tweenies, if you will) and their monkeyface parents who substitute time spent with their kids, for clothes. It's also depressing seeing how parents that don't have much money, are almost forced by their kids, to spend nothing on themselves, and EVERYTHING on satisfying their kids' every whim. This is particularly horrendous when kids are under 16.

It also bugs me how bad peer pressure has gotten to be at school. Young kids are getting too old. Even looking at 10 year olds now, it's so much worse then when we were all kids, and also so many of them are disrespectful, manipulative little t***s. I know that's a generalisation, but particularly so many 15 year old girls, for example, spend so much money on clothes and makeup and shoes, that they are walking jailbait for guys. Two of my friends have thought that my 15year old friend's friends are so much older than 15, and one of them, as an example, has pulled Har Mar Superstar (yes he pulls everyone, but it's so gross!)

Maybe I just didn't feel the peer pressure at school,generated by marketing, the media, and popstars, or at least I felt it and didn't respond, given that I was bullied all the way through primary school and into a bit of secondary school (til girls learnt how to more effectively bitch behind people's backs.) Now I look at people who seem so confident and individual, but then you look closer and I feel a bit sorry for them cos they care so much what people think. Not saying that I don't care what people think of me, but I like to think that I'm less of a sheep, but maybe I am deluded. Who knows.

Anyway, I could rant about this for ages, but it'd start to get a bit confused. However, let me say that my kids will be in loose-fitting clothes (until I was 12, I was only allowed to buy stuff sized by age, not by 6,8,10,12 etc), flat shoes and frocks, with their hair in bunches, for longer than they'd like…well ok, I won't be that much of a Hitler, but they ain't flashing the flesh and being spoilt brats.

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  1. The youth of today eh?

    22 Nov 2004, 00:53

  2. tis true… in that respect i am glad my parents were kind of conservative even though back in school my braids and my "childish" clothing were often laughed at. once i saw my little sister (12) had a picture showing off her belly on msn – it nearly freaked me out but after i talked to her she understood my concern and deleted it. and telling me: "i know more about love because you've only had one boyfriend so far and i had 3" (right, compare 4 years of being together with 1 week of holding hands) just shows how children (b/c that's what they are) think they're oh so mature nowadays…

    22 Nov 2004, 16:29

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