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May 13, 2005

A few things

I don't think I even want to know why a thing keeps popping up om my parents' computer saying that "virgins.exe has been banned from accessing the internet".

The waxing of legs
Is a risky business and I don't trust myself with it, not least because too much bending and twisting would be involved and who knows what injuries someone as clumsy as myself could inflict. However, there's only one place that I trust with such an activity as everywhere else people have invariably burnt me/bruised me/ripped various bits of skin off/done all three

OH MY GOD. The KFC advert showing people speaking with their mouth full, has received the highest number of complaints IN ADVERTISING HISTORY because it is impolite and mocks people with speech impediments. Once again, let me say: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? How fucking ridiculous can you get. All those who are so easily offended just stop giving yourselves a reason to complain by snuggling under your bed and remaining there.

Evilness of iPods
Yes they are shiny but at the same time can be so annoying. Firstly they require the use of iTunes, which is good apart from the fact that you can't re-order anything in your record library, you can only do that if you make an individual playlist, which is just annoying. Also being a hard drive, they fuck up like any other computer. Such as deciding to randomly reset when I'm listening to things and taking ages to load up when first turned on. BAH.

National Smile Week
I believe this starts on Sunday. Now most of you that know me, will know I always have one of these on my face, even at the most annoying time of day: morning. I'll put up a picture of my toothy grin soon, but don't have any on this computer. But yes, smile one and all, if you don't already.

Revenge of the Sith
Now I missed Episode II and never got round to watching it, but I liked Episode I and generally I am quite fond of Sci Fi so quite keen on going to see Episode III. On which note, if you haven't seen the Steven Spielberg series, Taken, then do.

Ah Foo Fighters followed by AC/DC, Colin and Edith, I salute you.

On at the union tonight: People Get Ready, which incidentally, is an album you should own.

Best of You lyrics
About to go edit them, hearing them at the press conference I saw flaws in my trascription…

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