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April 07, 2005

Bit'o'beige with my cuppa

Writing about web page

I support the anti-beige sentiment.

I look at unihotshots and see all those pretty faces that hide nothing behind their eyes. It's not that they're an open book, it's that there's nothing there to see.

I can pick out the beige people: everything Carter said, but also those people that are well meaning, but nothing more: they don't speak, they don't have extreme passions, they just let life pass them by and are happy to exist in a bubble of nothingness.

That said, I read some of the other definitions of beige and start to worry that I AM beige. Here's hoping I'm not!

A rant

I was going to have this rant the other day, but I forgot.

So, as with the proliferation of contact lens wearers and the diminishing number of glasses wearers (though there are practicality issues), there has also been a worrying increase in those awful female specimens: the girls with no eyes.

I write this with the knowledge that the girls with no eyes can't even read this, because their fringe is down to their nose. (In fact, it's probably a good idea that these people don't wear glasses. They'd have to wear them over their hair, creating some sort of Cousin It prototype). Additionally, I can almost guarantee that they have some sort of "stylish" mullet, probably pulled into some sort of weird thing on top of their head with hair clay.

To all those girls that have suddenly decided that this kind of hair is good for them: WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU.

I'd like to point out something that applies to many things: just because someone says it's cool, doesn't mean it won't leave you looking like a complete twat.

Two things: 1. If you are going to insist on a mullet, get the mullet right, SHORT at the front, long at the back. You will still look like a nincompoop, but you will be able to see.
2. Do not have ironic hair. Irony is best saved for words and actions, not bad hair.

It seems this stupid trend has been inflicted on us by designers since 2001 "The mullet's star has been rising for the last year, but as of April the ultimate white trash haircut officially went fashion supernova: Vogue declared it the hairstyle of the moment and began offering its deluded readers mullet-primping tip. ("The only way to wear the mullet is with plenty of attitude. And don't blow-dry it back!") Models at Givenchy and Ungaro have been sent down the runways with mulletesque hairstyles, choppy and short in front, long and full down the back of the neck…

…The cardinal rule of the do is that the more fashionable you are, the more unfashionable your hair must be. How else to explain the sudden revival of mullets and Afros and feathered hair, some of the most unflattering hairstyles of the past few decades? When your hairdresser suddenly starts sporting a ducktail, when the trendy new club is packed wall to wall with what would appear to be hair "don'ts," when John Galliano is sending the trailer trash look down Dior runways, it's time to reassess your safe locks. Much as avant-garde fashion is often the ugliest, most unflattering and therefore most stylish clothing you could wear, intentionally bad hair makes a statement: I'm so cool, I'm uncool." from

I have decided

That doing the same old thing all day is not at all good for the healthy devlopment of your brain.

At university, I do so many things and have so many thoughts bandying about in my brain and I feel all full of ideas and curiosity and all sorts. Doing just one thing all day long, however, leads me to feel quite numbed and isn't particularly conducive to creativity.

Well now that was lots of long words. Ben, what was that longest word in the dictionary? Maybe that will enlighten my brain.

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