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April 02, 2005

Dreams and Garbage

Well having seen Shirley Manson singing Why Do You Love Me live, I now wish she'd go back to miming.

As for dreams, I've been having trouble separating my vivid dream of Ramshackle to the slightly drunk reality of Ramshackle.

Why oh why – edited

Can't you review a gig or film at the cinema, why only CD, DVD or Book? Amazon isn't the be all and end all.

So, Do Me Bad Things
Were quite frankly AWESOME. It's the first gig I've seen in a long time where I've not heard much recorded stuff by the band nor read much about them, before going to see them live.

From What's Hideous I kind of assumed they were actually relatively on the easy listening side of indie/alternative type stuff. I guess they are in places, but with a twist. The twist being that they're metal to the max. A really enjoyable kinda metal though that has a bassline and a drumbeat that you can bop along to quite happily. Also, importantly, it's really really DIRTY music. The kind that makes you think you should be having dirty sex or dancing dirtily with someone to fully appreciate the sentiment afforded by the music.

Do Me Bad Things hail from Croydon (I think) and there's 9 of them. This makes for quite the stage show. The three backing singers and two main singers switch around a fair bit (in that sometimes there's only 7 or 8 people on stage and only 2 backing singers, sometimes one of the backing singers is a lead singer, sometimes the other lead singer is a backing singer, sometimes they vanish off stage). What I loved most about the backing singers is that they had choreogaphed arm movements :) One of the lead singers was eccentric to the max and changed costume a lot. They all worked really well together on stage.

Hmm, maybe I will make this review more coherent tomorrow when I have less ringing in my ears. I may also review Feable weiner but I'm in a mood with my inability to have fun nights in Birmingham of late. Grrrrrrrr.

Now time for sleep.

Feable weiner
Already shady in my mind due to the supposedly American spelling of feable. These guys were quite adorable looking in a quirky way, and pretty much all had the same hair cut. The two guitarists and the bassist all sang making for nice three part harmonies. If I were to describe them, I'd say a bizarre combination of Wheatus and The Monkees. They were very high energy and built a good rapport with the crowd (particularly the girls). They also had an impromptu jam on stage due to a guitar string breaking. They asked if there were any birthdays in the audience, got the crowd to get the girl up on shoulders so they could see her, then sang a screaming metal version of Happy Birthday to her. Only criticism of their stage performance is the McFly style jumping. Some of their songs were a bit samey, but as a band I think they're quite new and still learning to an extent.

They hail from Nashville Tennessee and are signed to Must Destroy (same label as Do Me Bad Things, only they are also signed up to Atlantic who oversee the Must Destroy label) and I would say they have a new following just from that one gig. There was lots of merchandise being sold and lots of hugging girls and signing their stuff (pants included).

Seeing as their record company sent them over here instrumentless, tour managerless and penniless, all credit to them for keeping going!

OK, So I was a bit harsh about my enjoyment of the night. Ramshackle was good though there was some new DJ who kept fiddling with the wrong fader and letting song intros play far too long so that everyone was just static on the dancefloor and straining to hear what the intro was so that they could figure out which song it was. Also, who would've thought that Take Me Out would still be the key floor-filler of the evening? The DJ did play Ramshackle classics such as RATM, but his set was all over the place. Once again too much Libertines and Razorlight, a totally out of place insertion of Insomnia followed by Breathe (the former of which was the one that he played about a minute of the intro, which was so quiet that noone knew what was going on). He didn't play much hip hop though, which was disappointing, and once again no Foos or indeed Nirvana, which I'm sure always makes an appearance at Ramshackle.

The Red Balloon room was doing ok but not as many people in there as usual. Another point about the event generally is that it seems to have turned into Chav central, but at least it hasn't gone uber cool like Resurrection (at Subway City every other Friday, the Fridays inbetween are now Anarchy, sponsored by Kerrang).

Classic moments of the night: Rosie phoning me to tell me her boyfriend was working in the academy that night and to go find him…except being twatted and thusly phoning my home phone at midnight and waking up my parents and talking to them drunkenly. Nice.

A creepy guy hitting on me, cue me lying about having a boyfriend and trying to escape but not wanting to be too rude and thusly altering body language to say ewww go away and him repeatedly asking me if it was best that he leave me alone. Eventually made my excuses and ran away.

The best chat up line (only chat up line?) I've ever heard: Two guys come up to me at the balcony and point into the crowd randomly looking confused, one of them goes: "Excuse me, do you know the way to Amarillo? We can't find it". This made me laugh and I suggested he jumped in a mobile home and tried to find it that way. He asked if I was coming, I politely declined, he said that was no good and they continued on their way.

So, if I'm on my own, I am petrified of new people. I think maybe because I'm wary of people I don't know and there's no security of having someone there that I already know I trust.

Didn't get to see my friend much, they got lost and stuck in broad street traffic getting to their hotel and then various other things to sort, but some catching up was done, which was cool.

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