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February 01, 2005

Time to actually use this feature

4 out of 5 stars

I often forget that you can actually choose "review" as opposed to just writing an entry about it.

I've not listened to this album for absolutely ages, but when I was really into my geetar playing, and also into sleeping soundly (my how I miss those days), I thought it was amazing.

Jewel is an American actress/singer/wannabe poet and it has to be said that when I read stuff on the inlay, I was really quite scared. Disturbing descriptions of herself and such, and even the lyrics are a tad worrying in places.

However, in terms of overall feeling that I get from the album, I really really enjoy listening to it. Not only is it great for singing along to, but I love the blend of acoustic guitar and piano….I don't think I hear any other instruments all the way through.

Aside from the worrying lyrics, there are also some really mundane ones, such as "let the phone ring, let's go back to bed".

All in all her voice is quite haunting, kinda ethereal in places, and it makes me feel very relaxed.

Storm goddamn you!

Bugger, my computer crashed for the first time in ages when I was halfway through writing a blog.

I bloody well wish the weather would get on with it and thunderstorm! Today the sky was really really dark grey and it was still most of the time with the odd gentle breeze, quite eerie actually! Still waiting patiently for a storm though…

The Subways
Listening to their new single. It's good, but not as good as I thought it'd be…having said that it might be just that it isn't the type of song I expected it to be. I'll see if I warm to it, but at the mo 1AM is still the best!

Bananas are great
I'd written something else here, but can't for the life of me remember what it was…, it's totally gone

Sitting on a rock by the seaside, catchin fishies
Well, in theory: My track record of ability to sea -fish is more than a little shocking. A deformed cod, a Dover Sole caught by accident (hook through its belly) and a couple of Dogfish. Let's not forget the crabs that eat all the bait. Greedy buggers. Yes, I will be going to the seaside! (probably). Next weekend, wooo.

Pancakes to the max
I am queen of pancake making. Well, I'd like to think I was anyway. It's pancake day next Tuesday, 8th Feb, here's to three meals of pancakes!

The Kills
Well I was listening to the new album from The Kills (No Wow) and it was off to a great start, but copying it over to my iTunes is what killed my puter, so I'm waiting to finish writing this thing

It's a Miss Terry
I had an Art Teacher at school called Miss Terry don'tcha know…but that's not what this is about.
There are some pretty hefty scratches on the metallic bumper of my car, RIGHT where I got the bloody thing resprayed after someone reversed into me last term. I only noticed them today, or rather my housemate Mike asked how I'd got them, and said that he'd meant to mention it earlier as they've been there for around two weeks. Shows how much attention I pay! It definitely wasn't me, they are hefty enough that I would've noticed if it'd been my doing, so it must've been when I was parked in the little car park by our house. Not so bad as my mum's apparently having my car after the end of this year, cos her engine is struggling to accelerate to any decent speed at the mo.

Work exp
Woo! Finally managed to get some work exp for summer (though only two weeks. Meant to ask actually if I could book for a month, cos the letter they sent wasn't very clear, seemed to imply that 2 weeks in a row was the absolute maximum…mind you tis a weekly magazine so that's two issues!) at an Emap mag. Grrreat. Also have some at another Emap mag in September. Gonna take them down from the inside! (Well, I can but try).

Curly vs. Straight
I was pondering this in the shower this morning…ok, afternoon :P I used to have poker straight hair, then almost literally overnight, it went kinda wavy.
I do like to straighten my hair from time to time, but I just feel that it's more 'me' to leave it wavy/curly (...ok, and a mess :P) because it more reflects my personality. Firstly, leaving it wavy and curly means that I can let it air dry: less faffing. Secondly: it is more exciting than my hair being poker straight. Thirdly: I dunno, it just feels like it suits my personality better to have it do whatever it wants to do. Like I said, straight isn't bad, it makes a nice change sometimes, but I like to have my hair down (unless I am trying to avoid overheating at the gym, it getting in the way at ballet, the wind blowing it over my face so that I can't see where the moose I'm going, or getting it in customers' food) and a sort mess, but a natural mess. My mum tells me I look like a hippy (she says this all the time once my hair gets to a certain length), but I'd rather it be how it is than scraped back all the time or overheated to the max to force it to be something that it isn't.

I dunno, boys and girls reading, which do you prefer in general? Or is it person dependent.

Another thing I was pondering. I have a fair amount of makeup, but I didn't pay for any of it…well, 95% of it. No I am not a habitual shoplifter: work experience is my friend. This does give me the freedom to use random things I wouldn't bother buying (specially at the prices some of it should be!) but at the same time, more often than not, I don't wear make-up. It probably shows, but there are more things to life than putting stuff on your face just so you can wipe it all off again later and confuse your skin! That makes it sound over-simplistic, I do like to wear it when I get a chance, but it's not high on my list of priorities, an extra 5minutes sleeping or drinking tea or eating breakfast is lovely thank you :) Also I sometimes wonder how much guys notice the presence/absence of makeup unless it's stupidly obvious, which mine rarely is.

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