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Hmm, this is an old profile, but heck, I like it.

Just realised what a great opportunity this is to promote promote promote.

I’m Deputy Head of Music for RaW, which is clearly the Best Student Radio Station (the Student Radio Association knows so) and here is my exec profile from when I was Head of Music:

“Shall was voted Miss.India at the 2002 Miss.World competitions. Since campaigning for world peace and having saved no less than 63 Blue Whales, Shall has joined RaW as Head of Music. She spent her time and fame after the Miss.World competition looking for the most worthwhile cause to work with, and discovered RaW and the amazing amount of good we do here for our listeners. If you want to interview bands, or review new music before anyone else, Shall is the girl to speak to. if you want hot tips from a pro, on how to pout, strut and twirl with the best of them, Shall can refer you to Romin our Head of Marketing and her personal trainer. This girl always has a smile for you and also a truckload of great music to share with the RaW community. “

This only makes sense if you look at http://www.radio.warwick.ac.uk/exec or at least it used to, now the picture of me has VANISHED, however you can see it to the left: if you ever spot me by looking for the girl in this picture, I’ll be impressed, she looks nothing like me.

And of course it’s imperative that you listen to the webstreams, link to be found on http://www.radio.warwick.ac.uk

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