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March 20, 2015

RDM group presentation week

It has been interesting to see how many of the aspects we learnt in the taught classes come through within our group work. I guess when i do my PMA i will find so many more biases or decision making aspects.

This week however I particularly noticed the group dynamics and group think. When you are in a group its seen as a norm when you agree to compromise with your colleagues on decisions and approaches, we never really think into what may be a better outcome, more often than not even when you are certain an approach will have the best outcome, you just have to give it up to save time on useless arguments or causing negativity in the group. This was not the case in our group thankfully but it does happen in similar situations often.

This aspect about group think taught me a very valuable lesson for the present and for any future jobs. That I need to try and fully explore an individuals ideas and suggestions in a group where we may not agree, this is also a very good idea when you think about how you should be encouraging team members to be more independent and confident in what they do. you cant inspire your followers to be great leaders if you dont give their opinions and views value. So what i have learnt this week goes hand in hand with the previous leadership module in any ways such as fully considering the opinions of others and not forcing a view or decision on to them.

March 15, 2015

Decision making

I realised this week how subjective we are as people, that our decisions are actually not as sensitive and well thought out as we like to think.

The first day of RDM showed me that we cant rely on our own thought process or perception, that our brain tricks us sometimes or that it is very prone to be affected by preconceived ideals or stereotypes. Any decision can be said to be subjective or an opinion, as much as we try we cant truly be objective with everything because all decisions we make come from our own opinions and experiences.

So for the future when i get into positions where i will be having to make quick decisions or tough decisions I am going to need to remember to take things in completely first. to understand or actively reflect on a situation as its happening and not just leave it to intuition or what feels safer. Our decision making processes are too prone to find eh easiest decision or the one that seems less messy like the video with the four dots.

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