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March 03, 2015

Can leadership be taught?

So while researching for this PMA i have been mulling over the whole "can leadership be taught"concept. maybe it depends on what you classify leadership as- a skill, a quality, a personality trait?

So i was thinking That ye of course we can experience being put in a leadership position many times, but does that mean were doing it effectively?

alternatively if we consider it as a skill, skills may not be taught but they do begin from learning something at some point. lets take archery for example, there are skilled archers out there. But to begin you are just taught how to hold and shoot an arrow. Then as the days go on you learn how you should be aiming, how you should b letting go of the arrow, what arrow suits you best etc. THis process continues till you develop some skill at it. You are not born with it, you were taught it or shown it, then you pushed yourself to get better and better and learn more. So maybe leadership can be considered as a skill, yes you can learn it wrong and practice incorrectly, but for you to become skilled or effective you've gotta refine yourself, see how your performing and what the results are and reflect and refine.

So yes i think some seeds of leadership can be taught to people or even learned, but achieving effectiveness is upto the individuals effort towards it. If they work harder to understand their employees and provide better leadership for their employees, then they can become more effective leaders. And liek any sportsmen, you never stop learning or working towards a better you!

October 26, 2014

PMA chronicles– 2.1 – What i really should be doing!

So after I asked for guidance, things really did fall into context as opposed to the good old mumble jumble of my brain.

So in my last blog I mentioned that i was stressing over how I am going to get that distinction or outstanding stage of the marking scheme and how impossible it seemed. Well apparently all it takes to make the impossible possible is a Vernon Blackmore PMA workshop and sit-down with the one and only, Paul Roberts.

No joke it is the most awesome combination. I will speak about the PMA work shop in PMA Chronicles 2.2. But first, I want to tell you about the 'Pauls Pearls of wisdom' (I really do believe this needs to be an established term, seriously)

So there are two key things that I learnt for my PMA and dissertation.

1) There is a lot of thought that should go into your literature research

2) I can actually write a critical analysis

I was looking at all the wrong sources, at literature from the premature ages of OL! The period of time a article is written in can have a huge impact on the relevancy and reliability of the work. The time line below explains it pretty well.

Certain things like financial crashes have a huge impact on organizational culture or employees views and motivations. Information before that may not hold true anymore. Or wars could completely change the landscape of the business world for certain places. Other times new theories and findings have come out that disprove the prior things. Most of the time articles are themed around the current times and what is happening in that context so they become irrelevant to us now.

So If I look at it from my point in the timeline, if I want to use something from 1992 it may be very outdated but sometimes the theory still applies. So, thorough research should be done into the background of the source and into the motivations and themes underlying it.

Although this seems a little intimidating I actually found that I was relieved to hear this. It was lighting up the way path to “achieving mastery”. I know I won’t reach here for a PMA but at least now I can understand how this is actually attainable.

And then the part of reaching this level of critical analysis was cleared up too. I for some reason had the misconception that being critical about the references was what this was but in fact it is how you spot themes, trends and patterns and your ability to connect dots or in some cases find the gap.

I found these aspects so important because they will completely change how I write and read too. It has enriched my critical skills and also provide me with an essential tool for future work.timeline for references

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