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March 03, 2015

Can leadership be taught?

So while researching for this PMA i have been mulling over the whole "can leadership be taught"concept. maybe it depends on what you classify leadership as- a skill, a quality, a personality trait?

So i was thinking That ye of course we can experience being put in a leadership position many times, but does that mean were doing it effectively?

alternatively if we consider it as a skill, skills may not be taught but they do begin from learning something at some point. lets take archery for example, there are skilled archers out there. But to begin you are just taught how to hold and shoot an arrow. Then as the days go on you learn how you should be aiming, how you should b letting go of the arrow, what arrow suits you best etc. THis process continues till you develop some skill at it. You are not born with it, you were taught it or shown it, then you pushed yourself to get better and better and learn more. So maybe leadership can be considered as a skill, yes you can learn it wrong and practice incorrectly, but for you to become skilled or effective you've gotta refine yourself, see how your performing and what the results are and reflect and refine.

So yes i think some seeds of leadership can be taught to people or even learned, but achieving effectiveness is upto the individuals effort towards it. If they work harder to understand their employees and provide better leadership for their employees, then they can become more effective leaders. And liek any sportsmen, you never stop learning or working towards a better you!

February 22, 2015


So what i was looking to find in this particular masters was a real integral change to my ways and views. I dont know how to explain this but i just wanted to enrich and enlighten myself in the way i work and perceive work. And i have not been disappointed yet.

I really have been learning and growing so very much, its gotta be the most growing i have done in the space of a couple of months through my life so far. And i cannot put a value on it.

So i am telling you this because 'Caoching' by Graeme Knowles really reminded me of what inspired me about this course. I have been growing and reflecting throughout all of it and almost forgot that its so awesome because thats why i am here!

I have always been told im a good friend and i am blessed to be seen that why however personally i have always known that i could listen more and maybe figure out a better why to help my friends than give them advice. I never realised that advice is the worst thing i could give, and honestly now that i look back at it, I was so wrong to do so.

I couldve helped myself and learnt so much more and even help others by just listening and letting them get there themselves. because most of the time lets face it no one takes advice and you end up just thinking "i told you so". and then there are times where people are so much more capable than what you advised them.

I guess its alot to do with humbling yourself too, which really is HUGE underlying essential to success in anything.

Well coaching really does make me very very excited for how i will handle things in the future an dhow much more i will learn fro people about life lessons and also about how much more i will learn from my employees and colleagues. because the human mind and emotions really are pretty incredible and powerful. I have missed out on learning so many amazing lessons so far by not tapping into that potential and intelligence of others. i seriously cannot wait to see it now.

When i say learning from others i mean when you coach others your kinda taking a back seat and watching their journey to discover something new, however small or big that discovery may be that is a little more wise than you were yesterday.

Ultimately i could learn so much from this course by just listening, but like the example of this Coaching session has taught me, if i actively choose to let something impact me and i hold on to it and ingrain it into my mind then that is the only way I can really let it have that powerful impact on the rest of my life whether its professional or personal

and taht oes for anything you learn from anyone or anywhere. its all upto you if you are gonna let yourself absorb tha information and live by it.

October 09, 2014

applying sustainable lifelong innovation

We have been discussing sustaining and continually improving in great breadth recently. So its made me think on how difficult this can be. We know that many companies do want to improve and do like the idea of achieving excellence and innovation. Its not too hard for companies to make this initial realisation. Then why is it so hard to move on from this surge of enthusiasm and put into action?

It reminded me of how we as individuals often do things the same way, for example health kicks- let’s face it they never last very long although we all know how good it is for us and we are very enthusiastic about it at first. If we want to put this more in context, and I am particularly seeing this in action, we came into this course with a lot of enthusiasm, we made lot of promises to ourselves, but in week two I know i am already realising the importance of sustaining this drive for success or this "discipline" as I previously referred to it.

So what do we do, what do these companies need to do? Well I guess I, like the organizations who have many ambitions, have probably never known this type of continuous improvement before. But what kicks these companies into action? what is it that you need to sustain continuous growth towards excellence and innovation? Well this is something i hope to learn in the next few weeks. And I know this will help me in understanding my own motivations and my sources of drive a lot better. Gaining a deeper understanding of business practices too.

I also noticed how others deploy sustainability and innovation in their own lives. Now I don’t know if this is the correct example but look at individuals like Paul or Chris Hakes. They have had many years of experience, they’ve learnt some amazing things and they know they have some very valuable knowledge that can help improve the way individuals or organizations deal with each other. So they both took their paths to spread this knowledge, now this isn’t something everyone does, many people stay in business or stay in what is easy or more profitable, or just retire not having passed on their knowledge or positively influencing others. But certain individuals choose to sustain and continually improve the flow of knowledge in the world in their own ways. Continually trying to positively improve what they can, whether it is through educating or through publishing or being part of bodies such as the EFQM or the innovation reboot project. These are individuals who have sustained their passion for innovation and improvement over tens of years.

Now we are lucky enough to be a part of this amazing programme teaching us how we can make a change, I know many of us hope to do so as well. So let us just consider examples like this, and many others in the world. This is the beauty 0f human interaction we learn from everyone we meet and every single person has experiences that are truly inspiring.

Im keeping it positive!!

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