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March 03, 2015

Can leadership be taught?

So while researching for this PMA i have been mulling over the whole "can leadership be taught"concept. maybe it depends on what you classify leadership as- a skill, a quality, a personality trait?

So i was thinking That ye of course we can experience being put in a leadership position many times, but does that mean were doing it effectively?

alternatively if we consider it as a skill, skills may not be taught but they do begin from learning something at some point. lets take archery for example, there are skilled archers out there. But to begin you are just taught how to hold and shoot an arrow. Then as the days go on you learn how you should be aiming, how you should b letting go of the arrow, what arrow suits you best etc. THis process continues till you develop some skill at it. You are not born with it, you were taught it or shown it, then you pushed yourself to get better and better and learn more. So maybe leadership can be considered as a skill, yes you can learn it wrong and practice incorrectly, but for you to become skilled or effective you've gotta refine yourself, see how your performing and what the results are and reflect and refine.

So yes i think some seeds of leadership can be taught to people or even learned, but achieving effectiveness is upto the individuals effort towards it. If they work harder to understand their employees and provide better leadership for their employees, then they can become more effective leaders. And liek any sportsmen, you never stop learning or working towards a better you!

November 22, 2014

PIUSS Six sigma overall is different than project

So As i mentioned it took me a while to realise i was basing my answers on the wrong question. Which was looking at the success of 6σoverall and not on project basis.

In many aspects we sometimes look at the bigger picture instead of the incremental details that make up that picture. In terms of 6σ, although there were similarities in looking at the use of 6σas a business revolutionising concept or in terms of a specific project- there were pretty important differences.

The overall 6σ showed us that culture, management, and employee perceptions were vital, which also applied to specific projects- the specific projects needed a more in-depth look at the aspects that build it and guide it such as having a really well constructed and realistic project charter that all members could understand, follow and achieve. 6σ projects also needed a very well thought out team, and a manager who could facilitate them well (change management). All of these aspects were critical to creating the right base for the project- there wasnt as much weighting on the things that happen during or after. which shows the value of how important is that the message/task/role is understood, and how the best personnel are selected according to all the requirements of this.

This reinforces the point that you must understand and analyse before you begin. Analysing here would be to see exactly what your ask would need, who it would need, and what they would need to do, and how best to facilitate their own requirements.

Im not sure how best to phrase what ive learnt from this, but it is a practical business approach. Where I should consider all aspects of what would go into making a change or a project when i am strategizing. I cant concentrate on the whole picture i have got to start with the problem, what makes up this problem, who would understand it best, what tasks need to be done, who would do these tasks and so on. And i know its a weakness of mine that i get to carried away in the bigger picture and i overlook the little things. So my goal is to hone in on this learning this year and maintain this mindset.

I ave to admit here that it really does apply to my project too and not just my module work or business. I need to find the problem not the solution!

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