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February 10, 2015

Coaching– receiving it

This is the time to explore my boundaries and exercise my potential.

yes being a good leader, friend or colleague comes not only with being patient for mistakes and shortcomings but also with caring enough for someone to help them grow. I guess there are ways to do this that may have better outcomes for the individual than others.

You've gotta ask yourself if you are saying this with genuine support and belief in your friends future and socioemotional well being, or if your just trying to prove that you can critically analyse their behaviour with some sense of superiority.

where the above is leading to is pretty obvious. But what may be interesting to think about is how we ourselves perceive negative comments, whether it be from friends, our boss our, our partner, our parents or our teachers.

yes you may have pissed someone off with your behaviour and their a little mad when theyre giving you this feedback, however there is some underlying factor, maybe a mistake or maybe its actually something you never realised you did. nevertheless this is feedback and honestly if we knew how valuable the angry words coming out of a persons mouth sometimes can be we would avoid alot of mistakes.

ok so I am thinking, next time im in a group and someone is giving me negative feedback- what if I actively make the choice to let negative emotions go and to get that underlying wisdom or piece of advice out of this person. Yes maybe you think reacting negatively would give you satisfaction, it wont help anyone certainly not you in the future.

If we can overcome this short term negativity maybe we can really take on these fee therapeutic sessions and try and see what we are doing to make someone feel that way and to see if yes there really is a very important underlying factor here that i need to change about myself.

how many bad choices would i avoid in the future this way. maybe by fixing a shortcoming in my team working style now i can earn a promotion for my level headed approach to so and so in the future! you never know what you may sow from just keeping your cap on now! not to mention the respect you would gain form your colleague for being so proactive about what they have said.

what is leadership and can we achieve it?

Is leadership a skill? is it a character? an inbuilt trait or a practice? Is it something that is taught or something to aspire towards?

if you ask a group of employees what leadership is what would they say? What would a soldier say? or a student, or paramedic? what would a sportsmen or a company director say? they would all have variance leadership definitions. What may constitute exemplary leadership practices to a Marine may not be so valuable to a construction worker.

leadership is a word that is thrown around a lot. What we dont realise is that it is more about the followers than anything. leadership is defined by the above followers. Is it not up to the individuals perception?- what they may need from their respective leader is unique to them.

The problem arises when leaders fail to see this factor. A once brilliant leader cannot maintain that followership and motivation without being continually flexible and adaptable to the groups needs and perceptions. ever aware of the changes in temperature

now its all well and good to see this, but how are we to keep this going. This is what i am wondering, in any case i have found that having one to one interactions with people builds a brilliant rapport personally but in a positions of leadership how do you keep that healthy distance where people can still value your guidance as a leader. or is that even a power aspect in itself. should there be atleast some element of distance between leaders or is does it just come down to how inspiring your own actions are to make others follow suite.

this is a reflection in action, maybe ill find the answer this week or maybe its just a matter of adaptability when things arise. maybe taking the coaching approach may help build a better response....

Leadership and excellence first account

This is the module I have been waiting for! I can not wait to see how i will learn and grow and reflect from this.

I couldnt agree more with Paul on the point that this is the place for us to trial and error, and make mistakes. There is no apocalyptic disaster that can come from it. In the real world we wi never get the chance to explore leadership and followership style this way.

So my plan is to try and exercise different approaches to team work and lleadership to see if i can correct my shortcomings. From this is mean i hope i can take different steps and actions than usually would and to reflect on how they went, how i have benefited, how the group benefited and how i can try and improve and imprint it in myself for the future.

The problem here however lies in me actually being able to reign myself in! As i saw today i am way too loud and i ge to excited about things and it has too many antiproductive effects on my growth aswell as the growth of my lovely collegues and our goal as a team.

So i have got to be actively reflective, quick on my feet and try and take a step back at that moment and correct it. Active reflection in itself wold be an invaluable practise to exercise here. And i hope that during this week i can really look at myself and my styles, and my colleagues- i have already sen so many qualities that have inspired me. I cannot wait to learn more and to be influenced by these traits that people have.

Bring on the learning!

November 22, 2014

PIUSS– seeing the real question

Our team put together the presentation on what makes a successful six sigma project. And i am proud to say that we successfully overcame the essential problem that i always have of 'answering the question'. I was quiet worried about this after my PMA, infact I actually started answering the question wrong at first, but after a little advice from Greame i saw that. So I learnt how e must look at a question properly, not find interpretations of it according to what the literature says. because as soon as we find something good in the reading we think 'ah yes thats a brilliant way of looking at it lets expand on it further'. Whereas that is not gonna hep you or the people you are presenting to either.

So we asked Greame after the next class, on what we may be doing wrong and got the best direction we could(again its as simple as just asking). And we went back and reviewed our work in light of this.

How might I use these skills in the future ? well for one, I am definitely going to be looking at my PMA more closely now and my project. BUt at work i think its crucial to understand these sort of tasks. sometimes you can cause a huge loss to your team or your career by not understanding the task, so you should ask for confirmation or guidance dont be shy and you shouldn't linger on little details or let to many opinions distract you. You are part of a team and you should take an active part in the success of that team.

October 09, 2014

applying sustainable lifelong innovation

We have been discussing sustaining and continually improving in great breadth recently. So its made me think on how difficult this can be. We know that many companies do want to improve and do like the idea of achieving excellence and innovation. Its not too hard for companies to make this initial realisation. Then why is it so hard to move on from this surge of enthusiasm and put into action?

It reminded me of how we as individuals often do things the same way, for example health kicks- let’s face it they never last very long although we all know how good it is for us and we are very enthusiastic about it at first. If we want to put this more in context, and I am particularly seeing this in action, we came into this course with a lot of enthusiasm, we made lot of promises to ourselves, but in week two I know i am already realising the importance of sustaining this drive for success or this "discipline" as I previously referred to it.

So what do we do, what do these companies need to do? Well I guess I, like the organizations who have many ambitions, have probably never known this type of continuous improvement before. But what kicks these companies into action? what is it that you need to sustain continuous growth towards excellence and innovation? Well this is something i hope to learn in the next few weeks. And I know this will help me in understanding my own motivations and my sources of drive a lot better. Gaining a deeper understanding of business practices too.

I also noticed how others deploy sustainability and innovation in their own lives. Now I don’t know if this is the correct example but look at individuals like Paul or Chris Hakes. They have had many years of experience, they’ve learnt some amazing things and they know they have some very valuable knowledge that can help improve the way individuals or organizations deal with each other. So they both took their paths to spread this knowledge, now this isn’t something everyone does, many people stay in business or stay in what is easy or more profitable, or just retire not having passed on their knowledge or positively influencing others. But certain individuals choose to sustain and continually improve the flow of knowledge in the world in their own ways. Continually trying to positively improve what they can, whether it is through educating or through publishing or being part of bodies such as the EFQM or the innovation reboot project. These are individuals who have sustained their passion for innovation and improvement over tens of years.

Now we are lucky enough to be a part of this amazing programme teaching us how we can make a change, I know many of us hope to do so as well. So let us just consider examples like this, and many others in the world. This is the beauty 0f human interaction we learn from everyone we meet and every single person has experiences that are truly inspiring.

Im keeping it positive!!

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