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June 03, 2015

KBAM personal journey

KBAM has been a different module for me this year. I was discussing this with other colleagues and they thought the same.

I think that maybe this is a more practical module, one of the most practical weve had all year in terms if how it doesn't teach just theories it actually gives a outline of how the hings we have learnt this year can be laced into our work life. in particular it reminds me of CBE, and im often thinking back to my Learning organisation work.

Its been so practical that all ive been thinking is how im gonna do and what im gonna do to apply these things, as if the reflective process has been skipped here. Its strange maybe ive become such a pro at reflections that i can go straight to the application! ;) But i doubt that, with KBAM its different, its difficult to put a pin on it and ive been mulling over my head fro days that how do i reflect. usually i have atleast 10 notes down for all my points of reflection but for some reason everything ive experienced this module has been things that have been building up in my mind throughout the year.

Now i think that this may be the huge learning point screaming in my face. the all encompassing one! that encapsulates a that i have learnt this year, and KBAM actually does this. not just the module but the whole idea of knowledge management and asset management within companies. that you build up on knowledge little by little and at one point it becomes inbuilt that its part of the processes. and its the way your brain works, little by little you work and then something that was once a new or difficult thing is now beyond comfort, now im finding my ideas sparking off from all the learning we have done throughout the year.

And theres another thing i realised these past few weeks, about burnout and disengagement. Its not something thats great topic to advertise in reflections but its really important that i reflect about this or else im not gonna learn to deal with these things in the future. I came to experience the effects of burnout and the effects personal stress and personal stretch out of your comfort zone for too long can have on you, your engagement and your work drive. I found that when an employee maybe going through this they need to be facilitated or coached well. because i have first hand seen how dramatically it effected my whole approach and it was shocking how something managaed to impact my work ethic. its a terrible feeling seeing your own ethics go out of the window. and i found that when employees behaviour or motivation is going down, criticising them or pressuring them may not be the right approach. As a manager its upto you to recognise these changes and to re engage these people. and in fact i realised in the past from our own business that my parents have always been so good with facilitating people that way and i always used to wonder why.

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