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May 01, 2015

experience curve and seeing problems

I came across a really interesting concept while i was doing some research and i found it really thought provoking. Hope someone may find it interesting too.

Decision makers learn from their successes and failures with responses to perceived problems becoming more routinized for those subsequently confronted with similar problems. Unfortunately, as decision makers move higher on the experience curve, the organization continues to make its transition through the organizational life cycle. The question is, does this movement bring forth new problems/concerns and/or rearrange the relative importance of previously recognized problems.(Dodge, Fullerson and Robbins,1994)

We never really consider this aspect as we progress and develop ourselves within a role. Its strange to think of this concept as ive noticed in my own family business. There were some external issues that seemed so big at the initial stage of business, but i find that we dont even think about these now that were established 12 years on. However this doesnt mean its not a problem anymore, we have no idea how much of an impact these things still have on a business but since weve moved past this initial premature stage of the life cycles of the business we have just changed our priorities of problems.

It brought me back to biases in decision making, and how some problems that may seem big to someone at the lower end of the hierarchy, is no longer a priority to the higher-ups (but this means that it must still impact the business at the bottom and direct customer level, we just overlook it). It links to the concept of trying to solve the problems that those directly producing your product are having, instead of the problems you as a developed manager my perceive.

As leaders or managers, we should try and consider this prioritisation of problems issues. Its great that we will be moving up our experience curve, but we should try and resolve the problems that our employees have at their level so we can really enrich their own experience, and to tackle any external problems we used to know. Ultimately its only going to impact our business better.

March 20, 2015

RDM group presentation week

It has been interesting to see how many of the aspects we learnt in the taught classes come through within our group work. I guess when i do my PMA i will find so many more biases or decision making aspects.

This week however I particularly noticed the group dynamics and group think. When you are in a group its seen as a norm when you agree to compromise with your colleagues on decisions and approaches, we never really think into what may be a better outcome, more often than not even when you are certain an approach will have the best outcome, you just have to give it up to save time on useless arguments or causing negativity in the group. This was not the case in our group thankfully but it does happen in similar situations often.

This aspect about group think taught me a very valuable lesson for the present and for any future jobs. That I need to try and fully explore an individuals ideas and suggestions in a group where we may not agree, this is also a very good idea when you think about how you should be encouraging team members to be more independent and confident in what they do. you cant inspire your followers to be great leaders if you dont give their opinions and views value. So what i have learnt this week goes hand in hand with the previous leadership module in any ways such as fully considering the opinions of others and not forcing a view or decision on to them.

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