March 22, 2015

relevancy and adaptibility

I have been researching how to choose the most relevant leadership styles for an organisation and reading through several articles online. Its an interesting idea looking at relevancy, not just in leadership styles but in general, obviously in this context we have a company in the state of transformation and change so certain characteristics are needed. But i find myself wondering what type of leadership you would adapt in just a normal period where there isnt any type of change happening or transformation.

is there even a need to change your leadership style or adapt to anything, or do you just keep things the way they are? This idea lead me back to the concept of being aware of the temperature of the room, judging how others are feeling, do your followers need you t adapt a different style right now?? Its similar to a period of change, since the main reason you need to adapt your leadership style in that period is due to the followers and how they need a different support system at that point.

So for myself i was thinking about how i may be going into management position in my family business, and how everything else in the organization will remain the same, it would just be that the employees may see a new side of me. So how do you behave when your going into an existing community, that has its one values and views of you already. How do you lead people who have seen you grow up, do they even need a new style of leadership? and how do i make my style and techniques relevant to them. Its just interesting for me to start thinking about these things at the moment.

there are so many links i can see so many dots to connect in this whole course, for example how important is it for a leader to have sharper decision making abilities in a time of change or crises, and how important is it for this leader to have a well thought out, discussed and mutually agreed decision on an average project. We will have to think about connecting these dots when we get to the work place, i can already see that we may subconsciously already be doing this in life, and i am very excited to see all the other links we find.

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