October 29, 2014

PMA chronicles– the power of the mind!!

So when i started thinking about my PMA i tried out a mindmap. It was terrible i only managed four points!

So i gave up with that! and the last few days have just been consumed with reading papers, losing hope, remotivaing myself, and then reading more papers! So last night i thought 'what the hay lets try mindmapping!' And I have to say i was so shocked!

The map below is literally what i got within ten minutes. Bearing in mind that i was feeling like i hadnteven learnt anything after all my reading. The funny thing is i dont even remember half of these things being in any papers i read.

The mind is more powerful than we know!

So I have come to realise that the whole concept of your brain consuming knowledge and only bringing out it out when you need it is absolutely true! I didnt understand it completey when paul mentioend it in class but i sure do now. This just goes to show that mindmapping is a fantastic tool.

I found it so much better since i had been working on something else for a couple hours prior to this. So if anyone wants to try it maybe clear yor mind with something else beforehand.

i know that this will be so helpful to me in the future not jst for PMA's but for anyotehr projects. necause t really helps you hone down on the things you actually find relevent.

NEXT STEP- trying to make a Mindmap in such a way that you can just write your whole essay through it! maybe not this time but I will be trying it out after Paus workshop for sure!


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  1. Very Nice, but Im not sure if you have taken another step further and clustered them, if so could you upload that an also telling us how we can maximize the pics in here???

    well-done and thanks for sharing useful things related to PMA – hey ;)



    30 Oct 2014, 08:57

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