October 29, 2014

PMA Chronicles– Research research research

I found that when using online databases, the right connotations and filters havea huge impact on how succesful you are at finding the right stuff. for example just using quoations for your main subject is an absolute gem! And then fitering by date I actually found that the newer the work the easier it was to understand anf follow. some more recent papers were also more applicabe to what i needed. They also helped me see which thoeries and concepts had not been outdated. if i had tried to do that manually i would have had toloo through soo many papers. but since newer papers will be mentioning all the concepts that have not been disproved and hence still apply, it made job so much easier.

I found that research is actually really interesting. im so surprised at myself for saying thisbut i am finding that individually going out and seeking knowledge for your own benefit can be so good ( surprisingly this is exactly what OL tells you to do) so what we are all doing here is actually a perfect example of a good LO! and i think that exactly what Paul wanted- especially since today i found an article mentioning that the Military is the largest Learning organizaton in the world, the key hings they do is train and fight, but mosly train. So alot of there time is spent eviewing and reflecting and giving all memebrs chance to speak and discuss about what they think went right or wrong and how to improve. Im used to the phrase "debrief" from my projects at uni. So it al comes together. i had no idea why debriefing was so important why my mentor kept banging on about reflection! but i guess thats the whole point- how you connect the dots and apply this learning to the future.

What a perfect why to set out this PMA so were essentially seeing a glimpse ino the objectives of the degree!


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  1. Yes – seeking knowledge for your benefits – and when it comes to LO you should always remember to target your aims at organisational goals ( from managers view point: make sure you set the goals in which it considers the values of your all stakeholders i.e. employees – cos if not they wont contribute fully ). It is also important to consider to measure your performance in this regards. what it means is that, don’t always think what you are doing is correct, because not necessarily every right decisions would help you to transform your organisation to LO. so, compare them again against the values and KPIs of your enterprise to see whether you are in the right direction to LO. Here, the reason is mostly learning has long-term consequences and is mostly qualitative so that’s why you should consider Deming and EFQM (to set correct KPIs towards improvement – obviously that engages learning and transformation/improvement towards LO) and by having those KPIs from Deming and EFQM then you can start measuring your performance in transforming your enterprise to LO.

    Hope that’s clear., if not read it again and if you steel could not see the links – just let me know.



    30 Oct 2014, 09:20

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