October 09, 2009

Bridging the gap between "Sensitivity & Sensation

It sounds a bit quirky when you take out the dictionary to find the exact difference in literature references between, "Sensitivity & Sensation". Here again in this venture, there is a canny connection between the degree of human perception and the ability to present judgement from a formed insight. So here, what are we trying to understand? and where are we heading towards? is an immediate question that hooks up the reader. Yes we are trying to validate the perceptions on a surface, specifically its smoothness or roughness or degree to which you like it, when you try to brush away with your hands..There is a lot of talk over the past two decades about people becoming more cleverly associating themselves with real objects that give them a touch-feel sense of perception. And this topic has supposedly created waves in the field of Tribology(Surface Engineering), Custom Finished Product Port-folios, Niche AIAs( Artificial Intelligence Areas ) and also in the field of Security and Remote Measurement Techniques. Its quiet very obvious for Surface Engineering Experts to unravel the transparent physics, (meaning it is there spacially, but not referenced to the potential utilisation levels for sufficing a good outcome of research in the field), which tries to knit the threads between Cognitive Perceptions and the contact points/surfaces that humans establish themselves with the outside world..This niche area of attention again makes it complex to understand the degree of certainty of a feeling that human can evince when they touch objects or surfaces...Sometimes It is more than just touching..It is a feeling of zeal within, identifying us to the galleries of human experience!!! Have Fun with Engineering blended with a pint of science!!!! 

October 08, 2009

Science Inside the Human Body

It is not very often we have seen people sit down and wonder at the intricacies posted by our human body, and perhaps the engineers know, they have a lot to learn from their own physical existense. It is so variegated for the faculties, especially the ones that fall under the science and the engineering stream, that it involves in running almost the entirety of functions that are sometimes very primordial, but always essential and significant contributing to highest levels of human physical existense. But when you sit down to bring out the essential head starts to analyze the human body, you will wander into uncertainties, that you will face for life time until you arrive at some assumptions. But it sounds strange to people, when they see that things were portrayed to be close to ideal conditions and still worked excellent for its assumptions were in proximal acuracy to the actual & real state of solutions that could ever exist in a system. But the true holistic enjoyment is to analyze these complexities by an approach that involves reducing the degree of uncertainties, narrowing down it to the simplest of inaccuracies. It involves circling ourselves around the locus of solutions that are often accurate but not very precise. But tracing the morphological chain of an inventive design process, we shall start at the first step of identifying the less simple and supposedly corrugated definitions of uncertainties and then plough through them to step in to the real world of plausible concepts that are murky. The Outcome is a good-chain of familiarity to the ideals!!!! I guess engineers would love to do activities of this sort, because they are the ones who are assumed to have the bridging potentials to transform the puristic science to a more modern fantasy of engineering!!! Still, commendable is the fact that, engineering gets more aligned, precise & realistic through the diligent ravelling of scientific concepts that leverage them!!!!

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