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June 05, 2010

Knowledge is in the air!!!!

Why knowledge is in the air? i realized that all people can acquire, create and transfer knowledge by capturing the conversation with others. Let's start from yourself by alerting to learn new knowledge. And it is better if you transfer your knowledge to others. Sometimes i found that when i have no idea about something that i am seeking the answer, i start to talk and discuss about my topic with others. As the consequence, i got the incredible answer from continuous conversation, it sparks my new idea!!!! . Thus, just begin from yourself and carry on it, you may not believe it can bring the fantastic things to your idea.

Leader and knowledge management

It is not only all levels in organization need to get involve for creating knowledge but leader also take a significant role to explore the knowledge creation. Top management and Middled management has different role to create new knowledge. Leaders have to set the cleary organization's vision while middle managers act as the bridge to connect between top and bottom level.

In my point of view, leaders should take a significant role not only articulate the organization's vision but also get involve to communicate the important of knowledge management. Especially, when organization would like to use knowledge management support and help asset management, leaders need to communicate and make their employees understand what organization are doing and what benefit organization will get in the present and future. Because employees are the important resource to generate, create and transfer knowledge which can help asset management in the organization. 

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