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February 23, 2006

New News

I'm twenty-friggin-eight! Of course, I only worry about these details around birthday time – but when I think about it, everyone in a similar situation to me (ie, enjoying a reasonably leisurely life) is 5 or more years younger than I am! Those friends around my age are mainly in full time work, and wholly in full time stress. People wonder if I'll "grow up", "act my age", and even "get a bloody job!", but the more I see the effects of these things on people, the less appealing they become. Ok, sure the money is going to run out – I'm amazed how well I've made it last so far – and working for a living is almost inevitable (save perhaps a lucky lottery win in the near future!), but I'm going to hold out as long as possible!

Current plan: German and Spanish classes in Barcelona. Actually, German starts this evening, which is quite exciting. Spanish I'm still looking into the cheapest option but should be starting within a week or two. After that, back to Warwick for NAGTY 06 - wouldn't miss that for the world! And then, assuming applications etc go smoothly, it'll be PGCE time for me. I couldn't resist one more year of full-time study :-)

In other news, I finally have my own web domain. Not very exciting, but will soon be my new home on the web.

That's all I think.. will write again if I remember anything else :-)

February 06, 2006

Kein Plan.. or one too many

I'm going to cheat with this entry.. it's going to (hopefully) grow and evolve as I find out more and reflect more about what the hell I'm going to do with myself over the next 12 months.

For those that don't know, my time at Warwick is almost over (nearly a decade after I started.. you can imagine how scary that thought is!). And now I need some good ideas on what to do next… Ideas welcome! Please feel free to contribute here!


I need to get some applications in very soon – think I have to take numeracy and literacy tests too.. must check dates etc and see when I'll be in England. Southampton's an option; probably not Warwick.. I really need to make a clean break from there! Where else?!

International School (teaching maths)

Teaching at an English school somewhere on the continent (probably Germany) is quite appealing.. I get to live in a foreign country, but not the added pressure of needing fluency in the language to work. Pay seems quite generous (I've seen 40.000€/year starting salary).

Only problem is I see teaching as a "one way" option – I mean I have the impression that it's always quite straightforward to get into teaching at any stage in life/career, but moving out of it into something else could be difficult?


Of course I love studying.. why do you think I've been in full-time education for 22 years?! Linguistics or foreign languages / philology (does this word exist in English?! It's filología in Spanish anyway..).

At the Universitat de Barcelona, a degree is 300 credits and the current rate is 9€/credit. This takes about 4 years full time studying. Working part-time (which of course I would have to do) would probably double this time.

Filologia Alemana for example: splits into 2 "cicles" each of 150 credits.

  • 1r cicle: 108 core credits (Llengua Alemanya I-IV; Intro a Literatura I-II; Lingüística i Lingüística Alemanya I-II; Comentari de Textos; Teoria de la Literatura.. totals 144?!), 18 specific options, 12 filologia I options and 12 lliure elecció.
  • 2n cicle: 72 core (Llengua V-VI; Literatura I-IV; History, Culture, Grammar), 42 specifics, 18 filologia II, 18 lliure.

Language Classes
  • 4 weeks intensive German class with the Goethe Institute ~1000€ plus accommodation. Start dates throughout the year.

  • Spanish DELE exams, approx 120€ (level Superior). 40 hour course ~400€

I.T. Career

I think I have the skills and the experience to get into IT. Not sure if I have the motivation though. Perhaps I could do it for a few years to "give it a try" and earn a solid wage and some savings. Then move on into teaching or whatever appeals at the time. Possibility of freelance / short contract work?

February 02, 2006

It's only money…

… but it's disappearing fast!

Too much shopping these days – haircut 19€; CDs 55€; Ikea bed clothes and other house stuff 35€.. looking and feeling good, priceless. There are some things money can't buy; for everything else there's student debt.

Maybe I should get a job like everyone keeps telling me…

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