March 01, 2006

Parties and Pancakes

This week's crazy, in such a good way! Saturday night out partying till 7am in Barcelona; Tuesday spent preparing costumes (even making bell-bottoms.. you'll never guess what the finished costume was…) and heading off to Sitges for major carnival fun :-) Rolled back to Barcelona around 6am this morning. It was sooooo cool, but the night went by so quickly. Pics will follow soon, I promise!

And now I have to catch up on pancake day – and despite buying the wrong kind of flour ("integral" if that means anything to you), having no scales, measuring jug, or whisk.. I managed to make the best pancakes I've had in the last year…

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  1. Caz

    Do you want to make us hungry with that picture?! It looks yummie!!!

    02 Mar 2006, 18:36

  2. Alison

    A blinky!! My favourite food ever. Whenever I see pancakes on the menu I order that instead of dinner! In fact I'll fly to Moscow for a good blinski, if babuliya is cooking.

    02 Apr 2006, 05:19

  3. Stu

    blinky? blinsky? babuliya?! I'm sorry dear cousin, but you're talking in tongues!!

    I know I'm way overdue on the email front… but rain is forecast for the coming days, so I think you'll be way up there on the To Do list! I just have to think of something interesting that's happened in my life…

    Hope you're all well xx

    07 Apr 2006, 00:33

  4. Alison

    blinsky = pancake
    babuliya = my brother's mother-in-law
    blinky = my interpretation of the word blinsky that really gets my brother's back up …"it's NOT a BLINKY!!"

    Looking forward to that email. I'm sitting at home with 2 kids remember…

    08 Apr 2006, 02:35



    26 Apr 2007, 09:49

  6. Doug

    a quick search found “bliny” or “blini”
    Thank you for reminding me of these delicious treats. I was there in Gorbachev’s time and loved them.
    Fire up the stove, Vlad: I’m coming for a visit!

    19 Aug 2007, 14:39

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