April 03, 2006

The Last Post

Well, oh loyal reader (or dearly beloved, as Kipling would say), 'tis the end of an era. I am no longer a student at the University of Warwick. Admittedly some of you have been questioning whether I've been a student of anything of late, but now my time is up, my lease expired, my welcome finally outstayed. After nearly 10 years in this hallowed institution, my 7-digit university number existence bites the dust.

So, this blog's for the chop. Not a great loss to human-kind, as my postings here have been sporadic to say the least. And I don't hear many cries of "Oh no! But where will we read Stu's latest news now?!". We shall see, but email and MSN usw. exist for a reason..

Life update

The last few months, like the last few years, have been filled with changing plans, fleeting ideas, and random dreams of the future. The current situation, in convenient bullet-point form, is…

  • stay in Barcelona until the end of June: including such highlights as studying German, maybe visiting some local schools for experience, maybe some work-shadowing at Barcelona zoo (with an emphasis on training dolphins, if possible)...
  • teach the NAGTY summer school @ Warwick (July 23 – Aug 12, if I remember rightly)
  • start a PGCE (Lehramt, 1 year teaching qualification, for those not acronyminously-minded) in September, secondary maths

So there you go, the next half a year of my life reduced to 3 measly points. That's rather depressing…

Ok, dear family, loyal friends, trusted companions, vague acquaintances, and poor unfortunates here by accident, I wish you all much love and happiness… don't shed a tear for the end of my blog.. brighter days will come!!!!

Oh, and I couldn't resist one last quiz thing:

You scored as English. You should be an English major! Your passion lies in writing and expressing yourself creatively, and you hate it when you are inhibited from doing so. Pursue that interest of yours!





























What is your Perfect Major?
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  1. Stuart Lee

    Hiya Stu

    Not sure if you remember me when I was at warwick a couple of years back. Decided to try and get in contact with people I had lost touch with, and what happens – I find your uni page and your blog, only to read your final post :(

    Well, glad to see you enjoyed your time at uni, and good luck with whatever you choose to do

    Oh, and if you want to e-mail me and let me know how you've been, feel free.


    04 Apr 2006, 22:14

  2. Martin Price

    Can I be both "dear family" and a "poor unfortunate here by accident"?

    05 Apr 2006, 00:11

  3. Stu

    Of course not!! I know you're so bored you have nothing better to do than check my blog for updates :p

    05 Apr 2006, 13:10

  4. Sorry to hear about that Stu! Well you know I'll still be on MSN and such but it's a shame to finally leave education (about feckin' time! ;-) ).

    BTW - you'd better come to Nottm for your PGCE :-P

    06 Apr 2006, 08:28

  5. Stu

    [Embarassing aside.. do you know how long it took me to work out what colour crude oil is? :-s … Well, it's late, that's all I can say.]

    Sorry Khyle, but it's not gonna be Notts.. I actually hit the submit button on my PGCE app the other day – first choice Portsmouth, second Southampton, third Chichester.. however it works out, I'm gonna be a south coast lad!

    And hey, I'm not leaving education.. this PGCE's another year! I wonder if I can get to 40 without actually getting a proper job?! Sounds like a challenge to me.. =)

    See ya on MSN soon!

    07 Apr 2006, 00:30

  6. Alison

    Oh no! Oh no! You're so bad at email it'll never work out! If you are truly without a blogspot I'll buy you one for Christmas.

    08 Apr 2006, 02:27

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