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November 23, 2005


Just another quick update.. last weekend I had a great time visiting England again. My flight landed about 45 minutes late (so, at 00.15) and it was -2 outside while I was waiting 20 minutes for a taxi. Not the best start, but things very quickly got so much better!!

Catching up with Erika and Laura after so long was really cool – a combination of schlager, card games, and general silliness was just what I was after :-) I spent Friday at uni, catching up with sooo many people and taking the odd picture around the place.

Saturday, Erika and I headed over to Birmingham. We caught up with Andy and (after losing horribly at some playstation music quiz show!)ventured off to the Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt.. a mug or two of Gluehwein, Feuerzangenbowle, a Bratwurst, and other such Germanic treats, and learning the lyrics of "Im Wagen vor mir". =)

It goes without saying that Saturday night was a rather drunken experience – paying £10 for an open bar. But I still made it up in time on Sunday morning to catch up with Caroline and Dave and his family. It's great to see everyone again.

Monday morning I was up bright and early to head back to Warwick. I had a perfectly pleasant, but not especially insightful careers interview… yes, the world-renowned self-proclaimed lord of laziness himself is facing the prospect of finding employment in the not too distant future! In the afternoon I stocked up on some of those old British favourites (ie Twiglets and Cheeselets!) before heading off to Cov airport.

Well, then disaster struck. I checked in before 5pm, and wasn't too surprised to hear that the airport was closed due to fog. I spent the £5 of gift vouchers they proffered, buying a soup and a smirnoff ice and then we were all bussed up to East Midlands. Ground staff there seemed a little bemused, but by 7.30pm I'd checked-in (again)... to be told the flight would board at around 10.30. Well, killing 3 hours in East Midlands airport is no mean feat, but a few phone calls and strolls around the cafe, duty free shop, cafe again, duty free shop again, managed to pass the time. Sadly at 10.30 there was no plane / boarding / any bright prospect in sight. Well, to cut a long story a bit shorter (too late) we eventually took off around 1am getting me home and in bed at 6am Tuesday morning – 8 hours late :-(

It sounds crazy, but I really feel like I have jet lag – my sleep pattern's screwed up again. But I did learn one neat trick – Thomsonfly flights between Cov and Barcelona don't seem too busy.. so, when they ask "Window or aisle, sir?" I respond "Can I have an empty row at the back so I can lay down, please?". Works a treat, and if you're enough of a contortionist, you can actually get quite comfy lying down!

Ok, that's all – enough rambling about days gone by! I've uploaded a few photos.. my gallery names continue to astound and inspire – this time it's.. Warwick . Check them out!

As for the coming days.. Beth and Rai are arriving on Friday and staying for the weekend. Planning an everybody-bring-a-different-bottle cocktail party for Saturday night, and maybe the new Harry Potter film on Sunday. We'll see!

See yaz all again soon :-)

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