July 19, 2006

Window Live Messenger

Ok, I’ve been putting off upgrading to Windows Live Messenger for a while. Mainly because they ruined my Hotmail account with Windows Live Mail (could only log in from IE not Firefox). But now that is up and running smoothly I thought i might as well upgrade messenger so that it checks my emails (as the old version of MSN messenger doesn’t like Windows Live Mail but it seems to be only me that this has happen to).
So clicked on the link from the Live people about upgrading and 30 sec later was installed and signing in. Then crash!
Grrr, not a good start!
So after reboot its signing in again….................................. goes to make cup of coffee…........ has a sandwich and then finally it signs in to a total of 1 contact! What where have my contacts gone?
So I sign out and sign in using the original Windows Messenger and few all 39 contacts are still ok.
So trying Live again…. oh 13 contacts… better but hay wait 6 of them are E-mail only so that only leaves 7?
So after 20 minutes of Google searching in the depths of some sort of slightly official windows live blog I find that they are having trouble with people timing out and hence if you are using a wireless network for you might not be able to see all your contacts all of the time. Cheers for the warning guys!

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  1. I've been using it for the last few months and not really had any problems. You could always have switched to the classic version in Live mail as well – that worked fine in Firefox, though doesn't matter now as the normal version is supported anyway.

    19 Jul 2006, 19:01

  2. Yer, Classic Version did work after they figured out that it didn't work with Firefox. But then Classic view was just hotmail minus a few things (like “goto folder”) and it took absolutely ages. Kind of pointless, really.
    My problem is that Window Live Beta is using us to find bugs and problems but there is nowhere to find out if the bugs have already been found by someone else. What I want is somewhere that I can go and search for my specific problem to see if there is a resolution or if I’m the only one with the problem. Something like the forums set up by Novell for Suse. All we get are the Blogs from the people who are developing the software.
    Guess I’ve got used to the openness of Linux (Suse & Ubuntu) and was thinking that Windows Live was going to try and emulate their success.

    19 Jul 2006, 19:28

  3. azad80

    i want msn messenger and yahoo messenger with voice

    24 Sep 2006, 13:33

  4. nancy o'keefe

    need to get my same account for my msn

    12 Oct 2006, 07:32

  5. lonnie rodgers

    I’m lost

    08 Feb 2007, 20:02

  6. savannah langstaff

    i would like to go on msn

    10 Feb 2007, 10:04



    19 Feb 2007, 19:39

  8. amber

    i want Msn please it will not work

    11 Mar 2007, 17:59

  9. amber

    why is it not working????

    11 Mar 2007, 18:00

  10. y


    11 Mar 2007, 18:20

  11. SK Huy


    14 Mar 2007, 11:39

  12. callum

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    14 Apr 2007, 08:25

  13. craig

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    14 May 2007, 19:48

  14. danielle

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    20 May 2007, 16:54

  15. markus

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    20 May 2007, 21:39

  16. ayesh

    wats dis all bout

    21 May 2007, 15:34

  17. Amelia

    why wont it work cause its doing my headin NOW

    21 Jun 2007, 22:11

  18. radain

    dis fuckin msn is shit it wont let me on my accout cause apparently my password is wrong!

    24 Jun 2007, 10:19

  19. I’ve closed this down to stop spam!

    25 Jun 2007, 09:51

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