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October 03, 2005


Having written a little entry in support of Warwick Motorsport last week (you can still join any time!) I thought I'd write a post urging everyone to go to Societies Fair in the next two days - there are different societies on each day – to join, among others, PhotoSoc.

Warwick PhotoSoc is a huge (200 members), friendly (really!) and very active society. We've also been one of the most successful in recent years:

2003/04 UWSU SocsFed "Most Improved Society"

2004/05 UWSU SocsFed "Best Society"

We can offer:
– traditional and digital darkroom facilities and training
– regular trips to British cities for photographic or exhibition visits
– at least one longer trip away (see below)
– advice on how to use your camera
– joint events with Coventry Photographic Society
– chances to exhibit your work
– studio sessions
– specialist groups for theatre and sports photography, among others
– lots of socials, not all of which will be alcohol-based

I mentioned trips away: last year we went to Prague for five days over Easter and had a fantastic time, some people taking lots of photos and others just being tourists for most of the time. The year before, just as much fun somehow, was a long weekend in the Lake District. You'll have to ask this year's exec where they're planning on next (I don't want to give the game away if plans have been altered recently)!

The majority of our members are always either beginners or completely new to photography – there's nowhere better than university to take up something you're interested in! I'll leave you with some photos; better versions of these and others in my PhotoSoc and Prague galleries.

Societies Fair: Monday and Tuesday (today and tomorrow), 10-4.

September 26, 2005

Warwick Motorsport

Writing about web page

As you'll all hopefully be aware, especially you Freshers struggling through mountains of university-joining advice, tomorrow is Sports Fair in the Union, 10–4, with entry being free. As general advice, I'd say it's always worth joining a few clubs at the start of the year and seeing which ones are the best, most active and most enjoyable; you can always cut down if & when work starts to get too much.

That was the public service reminder; here's the advertising part! I can't recommend highly enough that you join Warwick Motorsport! We have a website (here) which is a little out of date, but the forum is still in constant use.

Why should you join? If you've ever wanted to feel some speed and adrenalin from behind the wheel, you can do so with Warwick Motorsport in a safe but very exciting manner. You might just be a fan of motorsports and enjoy watching; whichever way, there are opportunities to get involved.

We run karting events indoors and outdoors, both as a club and against other universities; we run trips to watch various events such as F1 testing, BTCC races and the forthcoming D1 drifting exhibition next weekend; we're getting into rallying, through marshalling and possibly even doing some navigational rallies; and of course there are regular socials. We're a large club (150 members last year) and are confident of being even bigger and better this year. Members can, of course, take part in as many or as few activities as they want.

Our flagship activity is involvement in the British Universities Karting Championship. We entered 3 teams last year, coming 6th in the championship out of 55 teams from 30 universities, and won a special one-off event which enables us to carry the number 0 on the kart this coming year. The karts are incredibly quick little machines for a first-timer (having two-stroke engines made by TKM), and the standard very varied, with former British national kart champions and F3 and British GT drivers racing alongside beginners. Go and have a look at the promotional video on the BUKC website, it's awesome!

Go and have a chat to the guys at Sports Fair tomorrow and let them convince you to join! You are always able to join any club at any time after the Fair, but this is your best opportunity to say hello and see what it's all about.

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