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November 22, 2005


This is why phone keypad lock was developed, children. See my Sent Messages folder today:

A confused potentiometer salesman I had dealings with last year for Formula Student is probably wondering why Kenneth Williams sent him a text at 9:00 this morning. It was my jacket's fault, honest guv.

November 02, 2005

Oh the irony

*prints out another draft of the company's 18-page "Environmental Management Manual" and goes to put the kettle on*

In other news:

  • My first real paycheque is in, and it's four figures even net of the "emergency tax rate" I've initially been put on! Am sorely tempted to spend recklessly on exciting things like an iPod and the rent I owe my parents.
  • Boredom snacking continues apace.
  • It's a four-day week this week! I'm taking Friday off to enjoy our Formula Student prize, a factory tour around Triple Eight Racing, who prepare and run the Vauxhalls in the British Touring Car Championship.

October 23, 2005

Giving advice

Apparently this is not the best way to do it:

her: (exasperated) Ugh! No! That's exactly what my sister said!
me: (smugly) Well she's probably right then.

Does not yield optimal results.

September 23, 2005

The awesome power of Warwick Blogs on Google

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

It's been documented time and again that Google loves Warwick Blogs, but here is yet more proof (and a warning for anybody posting stuff they may not want to be associated with – prospective employers can use Google too, y'know!).

As I speak, the "Television for sale" article referred to above is number one hit in the world on for "tv for sale" (without quotation marks)! It's also 5th on (I didn't know that results from the two were different on a worldwide search) and 4th on both sites with the query "television for sale".

This means said TV was sold yesterday to a happy non-Warwick customer.

September 17, 2005

First UnBirthday

The first few birthdays in life are a celebration; more than that, even: praising fortune that the fragile first steps have been made without significant injury, disability or worse. From age three or four, a child will excitedly count up quarter years, half years, full years towards the next number, the next marker of respect and standing. Birthdays at this stage are about eating all the cake, getting all the attention, having all the presents. Then it's school-time, increasing age and perceived quickening of years marking out just as inexorably progress up the career ladder of education. Junior, primary, secondary, GCSEs.

Sixteen brings the first legal landmark, although it rarely has a significant effect on actions and lifestyle. Seventeen means learning to drive for hundreds of thousands of teenagers; eighteen marks a concept of adulthood. By nineteen one becomes aware that being "grown up" changes very little in terms of wisdom, knowledge and so forth, but at least it feels a step above being "newly qualified" in adult society. Twenty mainly represents an ending – the end of being a teenager – and twenty-one is the final big celebration. I suppose logic dictates – and experience has shown – that turning twenty-two is like turning nineteen: being "adult plus a year"; experienced; self-assured (in theory).

This brings us to 23. My first birthday post-education and the first one, really, to mean so little. The mathematics conspire to emphasise the insignificance – what difference is a year in 23? This is where the counting stops, at least until 30. But there we are, that happened to me during the week. In the words of Mr E. Izzard, "Thank you three people".

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