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February 19, 2006

Photos – me too!

No posts for ages – only one so far this year, in fact. Not that I've got nothing going on, but its relevance to Warwick Blogs is seeming ever smaller. New plan for this blog, if it can be called a plan, is to use it as a memento of my forthcoming kart racing championship – which starts next weekend! – and for posting the odd photo, to keep me active on that front.

I've been commenting for a while now on various Warwick photo blogs. It started with Max, whose real website is here, but has spread recently to others.

Nathan has been the mainstay, reliably churning out a great photo every day for a month or so now.
Gemma got in on the act a little while ago, and then Nick; my turn now!

I'm sure mine won't be anything like as regular as the others', but a couple a week would be good. See below (which is technically above) for my first effort!

January 30, 2006

My horoscope said…

From Friday's Metro (London edition), a typically tongue-in-cheek horoscope:

Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23
When all hell breaks out at work today, just be glad you have a sweetie at home ready with a glass of wine and a sympathetic ear. No sweetie? Forget work, get on the internet and find one.

Quite. Well, here I am; what now?
Actually, amusingly, work was pretty hectic (I've been assigned the task of managing the upgrade of the two-site office network) and I spent the evening round at my friend Nikki's drinking wine. However, not my home and not my sweetie! Sorry Metro, better luck next time.

Thought I'd better post something just to avoid January's blog looking as empty as the month itself has sometimes felt. Still, I'm feeling pretty reasonable overall, and February is definitely looking up – details to follow. Sweetie still required.

December 17, 2005

Christmas is coming

Reckon we can get an extension?

November 23, 2005

Off for a bit

No sooner returned than off again! I've not been anywhere up until now (except away from the blogs), but tomorrow I'm off to Scotland on a site visit to a nice open, windswept location near Dundee for a couple of days.

Scotland, you say? At the end of November? Windswept? What could possibly go wrong?

Check out that 46 mph northerly wind! Nice. Enough windchill for sleet in Portsmouth and Cornwall, never mind somewhere a couple of hours north of Edinburgh. It's gonna be coooold!

October 06, 2005


Ross Noble is now sold out for Friday night (despite the Arts Centre website's protestations)... just as I was finalising a very cool weekend in Leam. D'oh; maybe I'll get sorted earlier next time. I'll just have to focus my enjoyment even more on seeing lots of long-lost friends!

To anyone who is going tomorrow: enjoy it! (and do you have a spare ticket?)!

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