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January 23, 2005


It's been a few days since I put any photos on here. Let's rectify that.

This appealed a few nights ago while I was sat at my desk:

Friday was a beautiful sunny morning and I was leaving the house early; the angle of the shadows seemed fairly photogenic… Let's be honest, I'm only posting this picture because I can oh-so-wittily give it the caption "Early Man". Sorry.

Finally, I was taking photos today for a friend's fourth year group project (they were stability-testing a prototype hydrofoil sailing dinghy in the Sports Centre swimming pool). I saw a couple of mildly creative shots, the last being a refelction looking out of the window of the swimming pool for those of you who can't figure it out!

January 17, 2005


Play In A Day was cancelled (on account of me being the only person to turn up for acting duties!) so I was very glad of some sleep. Slept until 12:30, got up eventually, phoned some phone shops and went to Coventry to pick up a phone. For those of you that have my number: it's not changed, but if you ring me now my phone won't automatically turn itself off. Sorry about the last few weeks!

I admit that it's not great, and it's reasonably heavily cropped, but I was reasonably pleased with the below effort as a grab shot:

January 09, 2005

Sorting my life out

Well so much for the new beginnings offered by the start of term and another calendar year. Yup, it was more last-minute work. Hooray.

It's been a weekend of trying to sort my life out, and relaxing in the company of many different groups of friends – including some new, blogger, types – which has been really cool.

Fopp today had some amazing albums on the £5 racks. Pass in Time by Beth Orton (best-of compilation double album, very chilled), Althete Vehicles and Animals and Starsailor's Love Is Here I already own, but I passed up the opportunity to hand over a fiver in return for the first Kings of Leon album (Youth and Young Manhood). Did I do wrong?

And then I walked back past the Parish Church and took this photo. And here I am.

January 04, 2005

The Fun

Writing about Last night from Dan Lawrence's Blog

Closely related to The Funny™ (in fact, its second cousin once removed… from behind the sofa), The Fun is an attribute not often accredited to members of the blogmunity. This is something I would officially like to renounce in pictorial form.

Eleanor, who was in Dijon, but isn't, had a party to celebrate not being there, so it was only natural that it was actually Sarah who invited us over (thanks Sarah!).

Cocktails were imbibed whenever the beer seemed too far away. Mine contained ice cream, while Sam's was furry ("drink it quickly before it sets…"). Sam enjoyed it greatly and spent the rest of the night out of focus and having fun.

Mat decided on growth hormone as his cocktail of choice and is now 12'3" tall.

And then there was Dan. Never in the field of human conflict have so many party poppers been fired at so few people (Sam). In fact our Daniel appears to have got so carried away that he actually fired his left thumb at Sam, inflicting 4 hit points.

There were fireworks too. Then, as I good-heartedly escorted these mild inebriates through the dark streets of downtown Leamington, I was "geeked out to the max with GI Joe". That's what Dan called it anyway.

A real blog social is just around the corner, fear ye not.

January 03, 2005


This was actually last night, but I've only just fully unpacked. Hooray, I can get on with my holiday work now…

Never take photos while driving, kids. They'll turn out rubbish.
(*edit*: Apologies for the shocking first attempt at layout. Hopefully fixed now.)

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