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February 23, 2006

Kissing Penguins

Kissing Penguins

I'm sure everyone recognises this – received wisdom is that it shows two penguins kissing. What do you make of it?

Date: March 2005
Camera: Casio EX-Z40
Aperture: f/4.6
Exposure: 1/640
Post-processing: None.
Other: Posted last year – taken on the first really nice summery day of 2005.

Critical comments always welcome.

February 21, 2006

Captain and crew

Captain and crew

My godfather (and, reflected, my Dad and I) sailing across the Solent. The picture really needs that nasty bright patch in the top-left corner to be darkened down a bit – easily done, I've just not got around to it!

Date: September 2005
Camera: Casio EX-Z40
Aperture: f/4.8
Exposure: 1/250
Post-processing: Not even a crop.

Critical comments always welcome.

February 20, 2006

Frosty rose

Frosty Rose

Despite being quite late for work, I had to stop for a few photos of this incredible frosted rose in the back garden. The shot was handheld – I was really pleased with the sharpness of focus.

Date: November 2005
Camera: Casio EX-Z40
Aperture: f/5.6
Exposure: 1/60
Other: Macro mode
Post-processing: A little colour correction for the blue of the flash and the wintry morning light.

Critical comments always welcome.

February 19, 2006


06-02-19 Together

Shadows of myself and a friend projected on to the beach below us, in a little town outside Dunedin, New Zealand. I like to think there's something ethereal about the image, but at the same time strangely comforting. It's quite an abstract picture.

Date: September 2001
Camera: Olympus OM4, 50mm lens
Film: Ilford FP4 Plus (ISO 125), self-processed
Post-processing: Negative scanned using a Nikon Coolscan III and levels normalised. Adjustments were uniform across the photo.

Critical comments always welcome.

Photos – me too!

No posts for ages – only one so far this year, in fact. Not that I've got nothing going on, but its relevance to Warwick Blogs is seeming ever smaller. New plan for this blog, if it can be called a plan, is to use it as a memento of my forthcoming kart racing championship – which starts next weekend! – and for posting the odd photo, to keep me active on that front.

I've been commenting for a while now on various Warwick photo blogs. It started with Max, whose real website is here, but has spread recently to others.

Nathan has been the mainstay, reliably churning out a great photo every day for a month or so now.
Gemma got in on the act a little while ago, and then Nick; my turn now!

I'm sure mine won't be anything like as regular as the others', but a couple a week would be good. See below (which is technically above) for my first effort!

October 03, 2005


Having written a little entry in support of Warwick Motorsport last week (you can still join any time!) I thought I'd write a post urging everyone to go to Societies Fair in the next two days - there are different societies on each day – to join, among others, PhotoSoc.

Warwick PhotoSoc is a huge (200 members), friendly (really!) and very active society. We've also been one of the most successful in recent years:

2003/04 UWSU SocsFed "Most Improved Society"

2004/05 UWSU SocsFed "Best Society"

We can offer:
– traditional and digital darkroom facilities and training
– regular trips to British cities for photographic or exhibition visits
– at least one longer trip away (see below)
– advice on how to use your camera
– joint events with Coventry Photographic Society
– chances to exhibit your work
– studio sessions
– specialist groups for theatre and sports photography, among others
– lots of socials, not all of which will be alcohol-based

I mentioned trips away: last year we went to Prague for five days over Easter and had a fantastic time, some people taking lots of photos and others just being tourists for most of the time. The year before, just as much fun somehow, was a long weekend in the Lake District. You'll have to ask this year's exec where they're planning on next (I don't want to give the game away if plans have been altered recently)!

The majority of our members are always either beginners or completely new to photography – there's nowhere better than university to take up something you're interested in! I'll leave you with some photos; better versions of these and others in my PhotoSoc and Prague galleries.

Societies Fair: Monday and Tuesday (today and tomorrow), 10-4.

September 10, 2005

We are sailing

Just home from a couple of days' sailing with my Dad and godfather. We had a really relaxing time sailing the Mayfly, a little 32-footer belonging to my godfather, from Chichester across the Solent to the Isle of Wight (to Bembridge on the eastern end) for the night and then back again. The Crab & Lobster Inn at the top of the cliffs just south of the harbour is strongly recommended for a bite to eat and a nice pint!

The genoa filling under a light breeze; the mainsail hadn't been hoisted yet.

The wind never exceeded 12 knots, and our best speed all trip was around 4 knots under sail on a run heading back north, so the journey took a few hours each way to go not all that far, but it was very enjoyable. And now I'm ready for a few days' "proper" holiday starting in the morning. See you when I get back!

A well-earned cake break for me

January 23, 2005


It's been a few days since I put any photos on here. Let's rectify that.

This appealed a few nights ago while I was sat at my desk:

Friday was a beautiful sunny morning and I was leaving the house early; the angle of the shadows seemed fairly photogenic… Let's be honest, I'm only posting this picture because I can oh-so-wittily give it the caption "Early Man". Sorry.

Finally, I was taking photos today for a friend's fourth year group project (they were stability-testing a prototype hydrofoil sailing dinghy in the Sports Centre swimming pool). I saw a couple of mildly creative shots, the last being a refelction looking out of the window of the swimming pool for those of you who can't figure it out!

January 17, 2005


Play In A Day was cancelled (on account of me being the only person to turn up for acting duties!) so I was very glad of some sleep. Slept until 12:30, got up eventually, phoned some phone shops and went to Coventry to pick up a phone. For those of you that have my number: it's not changed, but if you ring me now my phone won't automatically turn itself off. Sorry about the last few weeks!

I admit that it's not great, and it's reasonably heavily cropped, but I was reasonably pleased with the below effort as a grab shot:

January 09, 2005

Sorting my life out

Well so much for the new beginnings offered by the start of term and another calendar year. Yup, it was more last-minute work. Hooray.

It's been a weekend of trying to sort my life out, and relaxing in the company of many different groups of friends – including some new, blogger, types – which has been really cool.

Fopp today had some amazing albums on the £5 racks. Pass in Time by Beth Orton (best-of compilation double album, very chilled), Althete Vehicles and Animals and Starsailor's Love Is Here I already own, but I passed up the opportunity to hand over a fiver in return for the first Kings of Leon album (Youth and Young Manhood). Did I do wrong?

And then I walked back past the Parish Church and took this photo. And here I am.

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