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October 23, 2005

The end of an ear

(or 'era' if you prefer)
It's over! The last Christian O'Connell Breakfast show on Xfm has been and gone. Always the highlight of any uni holiday, daytrip down south (like early morning starts for uni championship karting) and more recently commutes to work, it was a brilliant show for 5 years.

There are a couple of mp3s available online, not great quality but well worth having a listen to if you're an Xfm fan:

The latter includes all the classics, just a few of these being the culmination of the Hasselhof campaign, Brian Blessed, Damon from Oval and a reminder of earlier in the week when Stephen Fry phoned the show to hear the Fry vs. Blessed mash-up. The funniest moment on the compilation is when Christian encourages a listener to propose to his girlfriend on air to win tickets to the Reading Festival – the listener goes off to do it and Christian is left floundering "I'm not ready! No! What've I done?!"

Lauren Laverne takes over Breakfast soon and Christian is starting at Virgin (booo) in late January. Luckily Lauren is completely nuts too, so getting up in the mornings should be no less pleasant despite the dark and the rain and the traffic and the…

September 28, 2005

Syncspeed, how and why

In the light of The Other, Other Natalie's article last week, time at last for an explanation of the Syncspeed title.

It's actually not all that exciting… it's closely derived from a photographic term, synch. speed, the shutter speed at which a camera will synchronise with a flash unit mounted to it. But the name sets off all sorts of connotations and associations in the brain – at least in mine – which I hope are replicated with some of you. How about, in increasing order of pretentiousness:

  • The photographic etymology being a fairly obvious link back to my artistic leanings
  • "Speed" being a reference to my love of motor racing
  • The happy accident of the name beginning with my initials (well, sort of; "spjyncspeed" would be silly)
  • "Sync" a reference to my photography, conveying that the content is in sync, in touch, with what it portrays
  • The 'camera flash' concept of freezing and capturing one frozen moment with clarity (again photographically)

(Don't say I didn't warn you about the pretentiousness). Incidentally, this blog will become significantly more photographic in a couple of months when I start scanning lots of my old negatives for archiving.

It seems that since I came up with the name (in the Christmas holidays 2002–3 I believe – I can prove it!), someone else has been having similar thoughts. If you take syncspeed and put a .com on the end of it, you'll find the professional blog of an Australian CEO… with strong interests in motorsport and photography!

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