March 06, 2005

Sorry, what time is it?

Just finished watching the Aussie Grand Prix – it's just not the same if it's not live! A good race, but now it's time to shake off the caffeine from my brain, get some sleep, wake up and do all my weekend's work. Then Monday and Tuesday to get through, before meeting on campus at 4:30 a.m. on Wednesday to go championship kart racing in Kent.

To my bodyclock: I'm so, so sorry.

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  1. Lee Davis

    My solution to avoid being up at a silly time is is to have it 'almost live'. Record it and then watch it first thing when I wake up,before putting on the radio or other any other tv. That is what I am currently doing so no-one tell me the result just yet(it's still on the introductory stuff at the moment).

    06 Mar 2005, 09:20

  2. I caught the result on the BBC website :(. Ruined it.

    Ah well, I'll watch the start and the finish.

    06 Mar 2005, 11:02

  3. And so you should be. Apologise to your body clock, and buy it some chocolates.

    06 Mar 2005, 11:30

  4. It's gotta be live – dedication to the sport, makes it so much better. MSN race debriefs at 4:30 make it all worthwhile eh Si? ;-)

    06 Mar 2005, 13:53

  5. I used to get up to watch Australia and Japan live, but don't bother anymore.

    But ahh, memories of Villeneuve crashing out at Suzuka in '96 and Hill going on to win the race and take the championship! Murray Walker: "And I've got to stop now, because I've got a lump in my throat.

    06 Mar 2005, 14:03

  6. 'Almost live' never feels as exciting somehow. Yes, happy memories of '96, and of about 10 years before that, when racing was racing – I'm a proper lifelong addict! I remember being sat on the couch with my Dad watching the 1987 Hungarian GP (so I'd have been 4 at the time) when Mansell's wheel nut came off…

    Last night was particularly great – WinTV showing ITV on one half of my screen, MSN conversation with 2 fellow GP addicts in a corner and the rest of the screen taken up with the official live timing screen on the F1 website. It was great, I was spotting everything before the commentators!

    06 Mar 2005, 14:14

  7. The only thing i know about the Grand Prix is that Michael Schumacher has a lower heart beat than everyone else which is apparently why hes so good…but bad at starts becuase while everyone elses heart beat is racing, his isn't going as fast as everyone elses which is why hes sometimes a bit slow at beginnings.

    Interesting background knowledge, there!

    06 Mar 2005, 14:39

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