November 22, 2005


This is why phone keypad lock was developed, children. See my Sent Messages folder today:

A confused potentiometer salesman I had dealings with last year for Formula Student is probably wondering why Kenneth Williams sent him a text at 9:00 this morning. It was my jacket's fault, honest guv.

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  1. Genius, Kenneth, genius… I texted home four times today to inform them that they could call me now. Doh!

    22 Nov 2005, 01:58

  2. I think that message was sent with intent, Mr Young! You're "jacket" typed it, eh?

    22 Nov 2005, 09:20

  3. Ok, I'm lost as to how Kenneth Williams has any connection with the sending of a text message by an unlocked keypad…

    22 Nov 2005, 09:56

  4. Kenneth Williams as in "Ooh Matron"...
    I love you Siggy – you're so blonde sometimes



    PS - highly amusing SiY. What was less amusing at the time was when my bag managed to delete all the messages on my phone – this was back in the days when I kept special messages. I nearly had a bloody nervous breakdown there and then… :( – grr to phones.

    22 Nov 2005, 10:20

  5. I'm not blonde :-(

    22 Nov 2005, 14:49

  6. I managed to send a message to the first person in my address book once that was quite embarassing. He was a VERY attractive bloke called adam i worked with once. You see my boobs used to talk to my friends Emma's stomach (its not weird i assure you) and i managed to accidently send this message (as nokia phones save sent messages in the compose section) to him as i was walking along to work and the phone was in my jean pocket. It read something like, "hope all is well, my boobs say hello, lots of love Pippa xxx". I picked my phone up as it sent as well and had to watch it sending away to him with nothing i could do but scream as i walked along scaring a perosn wlaking their dog. His reply was a bit confused. He was so pretty….sigh.

    22 Nov 2005, 15:09

  7. Don't worry Pippa, I don't see how anyone could think that was weird.
    Poor Adam.

    22 Nov 2005, 23:44

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