February 23, 2005

Life update by another medium

Taking a leaf out of the book of The Times' 'T2' section (before they changed it), here's a nice little layout giving an overview of what I've been up to. Sam will notice I chose 12 photos, "because it divides by two, three and four" – how's that for browser compatibility?

The subject matter covers Union elections, a PhotoSoc studio session, Dan's 'Screw Love' party, a Stroop test I did for Lisa, another photo shoot, and my kart race. Larger, uncropped versions are in my galleries (mainly 'February' and 'PhotoSoc').

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  1. ewww nasty pic of me – get rid get rid get rid

    22 Feb 2005, 19:39

  2. Unfortunately for those of us with larger than 1024×768 screens, the photos are displaying five per line :) Console yourself with the thought that with much bigger screens it'd be six to a line :)

    Out of interest, is there any way of adding an alt attribute when you upload and include photos?

    22 Feb 2005, 19:49

  3. Um, above was not meant to be crossed out…

    22 Feb 2005, 19:50

  4. Yeah I'm getting 5 to a line. So close though Simon.

    22 Feb 2005, 19:54

  5. I'm getting 6 per line.

    22 Feb 2005, 19:56

  6. I don't design for people of whom I'm jealous. :-p
    Actually, if you look at the entry in my blog rather than your RSS client, it would probably only be 4 wide!

    Don't think alt attributes are an option unfortunately.

    22 Feb 2005, 19:57

  7. and bad eyesight.

    22 Feb 2005, 19:57

  8. I have four. Ha.

    Er… who am I haing at?

    22 Feb 2005, 19:58

  9. I'm still getting 5 per line looking at it in your blog.

    22 Feb 2005, 19:58

  10. I have 4 too (would rather it was 4, 3, 4 tho :p)

    22 Feb 2005, 19:59

  11. Not any more you aren't!

    22 Feb 2005, 19:59

  12. ooh clever.

    22 Feb 2005, 20:03

  13. Simple solution, surround the images with a div…
    div style="background-color:white;border:1px solid black;width:570px"

    add triangular parenthesis, the blogs cut them out

    set the images to have a padding of 10px.

    22 Feb 2005, 20:09

  14. I'm on a crappy laptop, and only getting 3 per line… therefore I am perfect.

    22 Feb 2005, 20:20

  15. Mathew Mannion

    6 per line on mine. Thanks for the lovely flattering photo of my bald spot, bastard

    22 Feb 2005, 20:38

  16. I'm looking pretty evil there. Either that or just caked in blood, maybe jelly. This is becoming a recurring theme…

    22 Feb 2005, 22:24

  17. i am made of jelly

    22 Feb 2005, 23:02

  18. Wow you mentioned me in your blog!!! WOW like I'm dead chuffed :D Can't believe I've only just checked blogs. And a link too! How did you get the link to say Lisa and not link? I can never figure that one out. I'm thick I know. Wow :)

    22 Feb 2005, 23:38

  19. Luke: You've not thought this through, have you?

    Lisa: Hellooo! Calm down! :-) All the answers, and more, can be found here! Wow, I'm well chuffed you read my blog ;-)

    23 Feb 2005, 00:22

  20. Ici.. c'est le 5 per line.

    Darn – looks like I missed the convo.

    23 Feb 2005, 01:04

  21. Simon Bolivar

    Nick looks like he's from the opening title sequence to Ironside. Though, I don't know what all this fuss is about; I read the Guardian

    26 Feb 2005, 13:47

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