February 23, 2006

Kissing Penguins

Kissing Penguins

I'm sure everyone recognises this – received wisdom is that it shows two penguins kissing. What do you make of it?

Date: March 2005
Camera: Casio EX-Z40
Aperture: f/4.6
Exposure: 1/640
Post-processing: None.
Other: Posted last year – taken on the first really nice summery day of 2005.

Critical comments always welcome.

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  1. Mmm lovely snap!
    You've got a great angle on the sculpture, I've not dared to get that close… yet!

    I've always thought it was penguins kissing too.

    But alternatively it could be what happens if you give LSD to I-beam manufacturers.

    23 Feb 2006, 23:43

  2. I have no idea what it was. Looked like something that got badly mangled in the workshop…

    24 Feb 2006, 00:00

  3. Mathew Mannion

    It's a massive enema.

    24 Feb 2006, 01:30

  4. Matthew

    It's not penguins. The sculpture's called "Let's Not Be Stupid" and is by a guy called Richard Deacon. If you go to the Arts Centre ticket office and ask for a Sculpture Trail leaflet they'll give you a thing which describes the supposed meaning of all the sculptures on campus: it will tell you that "although it is tempting to see organic forms, none are intended" or something like that.

    Curiously, apparently the Cone (correctly spelling Koan) represents the Buddhist quest for questions without answers.

    24 Feb 2006, 09:58

  5. From the leaflet, which I picked up today*:

    "Let's Not Be Stupid" – a tale of forbidden penguin love.

    *may not be true.

    24 Feb 2006, 13:51

  6. Rama

    May be if you squint JUST RIGHT… ???

    "Modern" without an idea to communicate is waste of space

    I vote to melt it down.

    28 Feb 2006, 15:51

  7. I tried to take some good pictures of this today, and boy did I fail!! So I thought I'd come back and express how good I think this photo really is… it's perfect!

    Maybe I'll have better luck next time… =)

    03 Mar 2006, 18:09

  8. Thanks Nathan; better luck next time!

    04 Mar 2006, 20:03

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