November 17, 2004

And so it began…

blog, n.
  1. A web page suitable only for providing self-satisafaction or limited vicarious pleasure.
  2. The most powerful procrastination tool known to man.
  3. A really stupid word.

I've succumbed.
My degree suddenly looks a little more threatened than it did last week.

At Warwick I'm known variously as a fourth-year engineer, a photographer, a racing driver, king procrastinator (no, really) and irritating perfectionist. I've also been known to have the odd opinion, so I thought it only polite to set up my own page before unleashing myself on the Comments boxes of poor unfortunate Warwick bloggers.

Suppose what I'm trying to say is… "hi"!

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  1. Hi.

    17 Nov 2004, 23:48

  2. Mwahaha…you're one of us now…

    17 Nov 2004, 23:58

  3. Emma

    I second that 'mwahahah' and raise you a giggle

    18 Nov 2004, 00:04

  4. I see your giggle and raise you a frown and a packet of Walkers Sensations Roast Lamb and Mint flavour

    18 Nov 2004, 00:10

  5. Cathy Young

    I see your giggle and frown, spit upon your Walkers Sensation Roast Lamb and Mint flavour (because, really), and raise you a cackle and a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk with Crunchie bits.

    Btw, if you think the word "blog" is bad, try "blogosphere" out for size. Yeuch. Also, your definition #2 is only applicable in the plural case – it's *other people's blogs* that waste all that time, not your own :-)

    18 Nov 2004, 00:57

  6. I fold

    18 Nov 2004, 10:16

  7. Oh, just as it was getting interesting! Think I'll pass on the spat-on crisps though.

    Any further offers? ;-)

    18 Nov 2004, 10:42

  8. Emma

    I'm just going to laugh at the fact that your sister is even more pedantic than you are…..

    18 Nov 2004, 11:21

  9. Raise you 5 R3TarDPOiNTz and a tub of Onken.

    18 Nov 2004, 19:34

  10. Actually, I'm back in the game, I just realised that I have a killer hand, and I'll beat all of you no matter what you have.
    So I see all the above and raise you 18 R3TarDPOiNTz, my mother, the bananas in my kitchen cupboard, an empty bottle of Archers' Aqua, my walkie-talkie that I use to communicate with the dead, and the rights to CNN.

    18 Nov 2004, 22:16

  11. Emma

    Pathetic! I'll see all the above (although it'd have to be my mother, cos I don't think I can offer James') and I'll give you Microsoft, and a sip of my cider! nods

    18 Nov 2004, 23:42

  12. carrie

    just want to say hi…

    18 Nov 2004, 23:57

  13. Well done on making the Hot Topics with your first entry. Don't let it carry you away though. Soon all you want is comments. Sweet, sweet comments. Then one day it hits you: you're addicted. After that comes months of comment rehab. It's not pretty, and I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone. Still – welcome to the Blogs. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

    19 Nov 2004, 00:03

  14. Comments give me the high I used to get from caffeine before I became immune to it.

    19 Nov 2004, 00:34

  15. Aah, but you never become immune to the comments high! The catch, though, is that it's much easier to guarantee coffee than comments.

    19 Nov 2004, 00:35

  16. Carrie: hi :-) who are you? I've not come across a Carrie before!

    Sam: eyyyyy sweet. What makes you think I wasn't craving comments to start with? I wondered if the post might be going that way, although how the Hot Topics engine works I've no idea. Seems rather too random and unjustified.

    I'm already feeling the pressure to write a follow-up post. After all, a one-post blog isn't really a blog somehow. Now I know how bands feel when asked to write up a follow-up to their dozen-selling smash hit debut.

    Call me a nepotist, but my sister's still winning the auction that appeared from I-don't-know-where. (No offence to James or Emma's respective mothers; I'm sure both are lovely.)

    It's easy to guarantee coffee when you gave your housemate a massive box of it for her birthday ;-)

    19 Nov 2004, 00:38

  17. Emma

    cheek! my mother is so lovely she gave you a quarter of a pig – surely that wins the auction?!

    19 Nov 2004, 00:40

  18. Double?

    19 Nov 2004, 09:26

  19. Sincere apologies, to anyone who's come here via the Hot Topics link, for wasting your time….

    Check back soon though, there might be something interesting going on!

    19 Nov 2004, 09:53

  20. This thread is still better the one about the paperclip though.

    19 Nov 2004, 16:18

  21. Wow – so many blog whores together – its a veritable blog brothel (neologism??) And now it's #2 hot posting. Sam B. is engaged in auto-cardioingestion.

    (My first ever posting on my Warwick blog got two comments. Both to the same effect. That I should be castrated and burned at the stake for daring to use the word "blogosphere". So please use it whenever and wherever possible, especially in titles. Blogosphere!! Blogosphere!!! Weeeeee!)

    (It's my birthday today – just – hence the hilarity)

    21 Nov 2004, 00:20

  22. JK

    Happy Birthday Charles! And to the rest of you… you've got me totally hooked on this blog milarky, it's 4:25 in the morning, what the heck am I doing??? I've been looking around the site and as an impartial user I have 2 say that Samuel Boulby and Luke Blackwell: you have the best blogs! :-)
    PS- I'm not actually staying up to write blog comments, I just can't sleep :-(

    21 Nov 2004, 04:33

  23. Happy birthday Charles. Would autocardio_ex_ingestion be a more apt (and nonsensical) expression?!

    As for you JK, back to work. Or maybe write some more blog posts…

    21 Nov 2004, 11:36

  24. Bloggy Bloggy Bloggy, Oi Oi Oi…

    21 Nov 2004, 18:28

  25. Hi!

    I love blogs, blogsy -blog blogs!

    Although I tend to write things people don't understand/aren't interested in…is that the point?

    oh, apart from the sleep thing!

    21 Nov 2004, 22:23

  26. :-) hi ladies. Claire, I think you've got the point. Except for the sleep thing: you let your standards slip there. I may be a Hot Topic with this load of nonsense, but at least it's not there for a reason!

    Have you given yourself the last week off blogging, Miss Cruise? Ah well, I think I spotted your name attached to a cartoon in the Boar, so I'll let you off. More important things to do, clearly.

    21 Nov 2004, 23:07

  27. Uh-oh, rumbled…

    Yeah, blogging not been happening recently, apologies to those who plan their days around Hollyzone updates. I am neglecting my public and feel ashamed.

    23 Nov 2004, 00:25

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