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August 12, 2005

I briefly 'Lost' the will to live

I watched Channel 4 last night, a victim of so much unwarranted hype produced by a company (ABC) trying to justify the massive amount of money spent on creating a series-length Hollywood film. What swayed me, apart from having nothing better to do, was Matthew Fox on the news (not an advert, but the news!) yesterday morning, describing the show as "sophisticated".

Yeah right. Fifteen minutes in and I'd seen every Hollywood cliche played for unintended laughs. I watched to the end of the first hour – which was about 50:50 adverts to programme – and it got no better. If that was really as sophisticated as modern TV drama gets, then I'm either a snob or a cynic. American TV audiences aren't really so unsubtle, are they? Either way, it gives me a few more free hours in my week!

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