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October 08, 2008

Universal Seed

Universal Seed

From black sky

A white eye


Into its arid womb

Scorching a tunnel to its centre

Its light-seed glowing in gloom

And from its heart

Nature grew

To the tattoo of the Universe’s call

Man, animal and ubiquitous desire

All risen from the fall

Then the created created

Compelled to make the world anew

Panning art from the mundane

They bound its complexities in small brains

To better comprehend

From whence they came

But the music stopped before the dance

And the light dimmed to dark.

The seed in the midst

Of our fruit withered into

A winter emptiness

That sucked all art inside

Its final extinguished twinkle a wink

Of blissful and eternal sleep.

October 02, 2008

You've got to Start Somewhere…

Hi everyone. This is my first blog, so I apologise for any clumsiness. I'm going to use my blog primarily to get my work 'out there', as it were, and any feed back would be much appreciated. With that in mind, here's a very short poem, which I was tasked to write in my creative writing course yesterday. It's still floating round my head a bit, and may undergo some changes before next week, but at the moment I feel pretty good about it. As I said, any opinions would be welcome, whatever they may be. On that note:

The Chant

A word

Plunging, into the sea

Of swirls and patterns secluded in the deep

Roaring waves that tremble on ripples’ shoulders

A primordial, universal catechism


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