February 25, 2005

Your work people….

In the last meeting we discussed what must be done for next week and….

…here what needs doing….do as much of it for next week as possible! And make sure you ALL come to the meeting.

Find a suitable building with price (we need storage! big time)
Sort out transport links and costs
Look into ISO14000
Complete assembly instructions (may need CAD model from James G)

James M:
Sort out finances

James G:
Continue sorting building out;
Extraction, recycling etc etc
Woodworking machinary regulations 1974

Adverts for all jobs, relevant qualifications etc
Continue with H&S.

James D:
Quality control methods, rework etc

Oak, special considerations, treatment etc
Time scale and cell balancing
Finalize costing based on B&Q prices

At least half of this needs doing by next meeting…also everybody needs to bring an outline of their part of the report with them.



February 17, 2005

Meeting (Week 17 – Week 18)

Hi guys, I know Dave has put the brainstorm up on blogs.warwick.ac.uk/spammonkeys, so if you want to have a look go there and sign in. Heres what was assigned in the last meeting:

Toyosi – Looking into advertisements for staffing, and creating her own advertisements.

James, Dictator, Rich, Dave – Looking at the production plan to be finalised, hopefully aiding with the search for premises.

Dick Van Dykester – Sorting out the road trip ready for next Wednesday.

Note: Remember all these must be completed by the next meeting (Tuesday 22nd February 2005, 10am outside F211).

Cheers for now, all hail the dictator!

February 15, 2005


Thanks to those who turned up to the meeting today, only one missing…you know who you are…

Discussed the future of the project/report etc and brainstormed the ideas and decided what MUST be done for next week (James M will email you). If you werent present then you missed out on getting the direction on the project so you now will not kow whats going on…

Log in to see the brainstorm pics (spammonkeys only I'm afraid!)


January 21, 2005

Meeting 18th Jan 2005

[sarcasm]Glad to see everyone turning up to meetings[/sarcasm]

Sorry. Anyway from now on meetings will be on Tuesdays after the 9am lecture!

The updates:

It looks like we now needs to make around 208,000 tables per year, rather more than first anticipated, and a rather rediculous number.

Material is fixed to oak.

We need to do some marketing research.

Table is for outdoor use (constant or not?) So we need stainless steel fixings. Finishing needs to be considered, though oak will survive happily outside with no protection.

For next weeks meeting: (as if you dont have enough to do)

Machine sizing – James D (CNC machines from relevant website)
Cell layout/production – David
CAD model finalised and emailed – James G
Garden centre research, pricings etc – The Dictator
Facilities sizing and rent – Rich
Mock adverts/recruitment plan – Tyosi
PDM/SPC/PC networking and structure – James G

Can everyone start considering what they want to include in their part of the report and presentation. Make sure you have enough info for the deadline (Week 22 or 23). Though i think we should have a draft pretty much in place by the end of term...

Any problems email/msn the dictator or me.


December 13, 2004

Hot of the press from Wallbank – Details of the poster session for group project

Further details regarding the poster session.

This will be held in the in room A401

It will be on Thursday 13th of January and the timetable is as below.

9 –10 am set up posters clearly indicating which group is which
10 – 11 Private viewing by assessment panel
11 – 1 Question and answer session.

You Are required to be present over this period.

This will be structured such that there will be in the room the panel, one group being assessed and one observer from each of the other groups. Each group will be allowed about 10 mins. to present the work to date and there will then be 10 mins. of questions.

You should concentrate your efforts at convincing the assessment panel that you have thought through the technological and business aspects of the problem. It is expected that every member of the group will either present or answer questions.

November 15, 2004

Sign up for last years group project presentation

Hi to my group and anyone else sad enough to look at this crap blog. I know nobody bothers looking at this but I thought I'd make use of it anyway. Please make sure that you have signed up for the Group Project prsentation from last years group. It could be quite useful, then again I doubt it. But I do want to keep Jim Wallbank happy. Cheers James Mc.

P.S. I know I've already sent you an e-mail about itbut I thought I write this (albeit a bit late) just in case some didn't recieve then e-mail or forgot. So in that case it would be a good reminder.

October 27, 2004

Meeting 27/10/04

Meeting 27/10/04

Nothing much happened due to some people missing (you know who you are!).

Shared weblinks (log in to see)

Trip to B&Q tomorrow after morning lectures (Thursday)??

By next week:

Trip to B&Q to allow final design.
More research into your areas.

October 21, 2004

20/10/04 Meeting Minutes

Minutes for meeting 20/10/04

Blog address – blogs.warwick.ac.uk/spammonkeys

Early warning about poster presentation in WEEK 12 – Be prepared, and know your stuff about your part of the project. Lecturers will be present and will rip any idea to shreds, you need to be able to back up every decision you make.

SUGGESTION – Attend the group project presentation of last years winning team. The presentation will be sometime in NOVEMBER. It’s also worth PDR points.

Decided on who is going to do what –

David & James D – Manufacturing – to include:
•Machines and processes
•Materials – trip to B&Q imminent

•Design adaptation

James G & Tyosi – Human Resources – to include:

Rich & James M – Premises – to include:
•Site plan

This is only a guide, and as more comes up in each section the list will need updating. Add ideas to the blog. If it is found there is too much work in one section, the extra will have to be shared out.

For next Wednesday 11am F211:
Due to the Pump and Puzzle design deadlines –

Each group is to do some initial research into their areas, internet work is sufficient. Bring printouts of useful documents to next meeting, along with web addresses.

Good luck with all the work!


October 20, 2004

13/10/04 Meeting

"This really only applies to those of you who missed our meeting yesterday (weds) but i thought id send it to all of you.

At the meeting we decided that for next week (that Weds wk 4!) we will have complete cad models. You should also have watched the video and noted down all of the individual operations that he does. Then work out a time for them…not as easy as timing the vid ;). Then make changes to your list for mass production. Remember we have to aim for 100,000 a year, and with an 8 hour day, 48 week year thats something like 53 complete tables an hour!

Also James M was going to email JW to ask a few things, like how much we are allowed to change the table, and about the ?unreasonable? 100,000 a year. Also if there is any sort of budget for the project… Think his meeting is on friday, so if you have any questions about Norm please email him as i am sure he would be grateful of something to talk about in the meeting…."

October 19, 2004


Right, this is the blog effort for our group project where we can post shit for people to read.

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