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November 20, 2004

What exactly is the point of A–Levels?

Certainly not to prepare one for an English university.

There’s little need to work hard until the end of the year and hardly any coursework. Furthermore, it turns out that half of A-Level Economics is covered in one chapter of the EPAIS degree course, while the Maths A-Level seemed so skate around everything important and provide enough easy marks to avoid anything difficult. And they wrote a syllabus-specific textbook to provide the answers.

November 17, 2004

How does the Spanish coach get away with it?

Ive fed black people at the table in my house," was part of Spain manager's Luis Aragones response to accusations that he exhibited racism after branding Thierry Henry a "black ." Clearly, he doesn't make his black guests eat off the floor then. The rest of his defence was similarly irrelevant, launching a tirade against the British colonies.

For all the campaigns and hollow words of plastic/ape man Sepp Blatter, football's authorities don't seem to be doing anything about racism. Ron Atkinson was forced to resign after his questionable comments, despite an unreserved apology, but Aragones does not even seem to have to bother defending himself.

The top men who rule football, who incidentally at the FA are all white, must treat their underlings as proles, left to their own devices with no hope of behaving a manner befitting their position.

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