October 20, 2004

Top Five Most Overrated Films

1. Lord of The Rings – all three of them
There as so many words for this. Awlful. And every other synonym for it. I'm all for novels coming to the big screen – One Flew, To Kill a Mockingbird, 1984 are excellent – but this film wasn't long enough to do the text justice and was far too long for the average attention span.

2. Star Wars – All of them
OK, there were a couple of good lines, but that's it. Otherwise everyone who paid to watch this did a service in giving life to a cow, a giant cash cow that was milked by Luke Skywalker or whatever movie studio made this.

3. The Exorcist
The subtle analysis of Catholocism is Brighton Rock was easy enough to see, but whatever there was here passed way over my head. Otherwise, there's not much point in a horror film if not scary or scarily funny or has a Jack Nicholson-esque performance as in the Shining.

4. Moulin Rouge
Have nothing against musicals per se, the Madness one sounds quite good. But filling a film with awlful music is murder.

5. Farenheit 911
A craze against mass corporate culture has turned into mass corporate culture but Michael Moore's one-side vitriolic rants only hint at the truth and are about as balanced as the Sun's coverage of asylum seekers.

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  1. Make your mind up, were the LotR films too long or not long enough! :)

    Star Wars, I'll go with you on I and II, but I posit that IV V and VI are valuable for their influence alone.

    The Exorcist and Moulin Rouge I've never watched all the way through so I won't comment on, but as for Fahrenheit 911, with you all the way, the man sets out to decieve.

    20 Oct 2004, 20:35

  2. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars rock! OK, maybe not Star Wars 1, but the rest are really good. You're obviously a very cynical person who is unable to just enjoy seeing a movie and instead has to over analyse it. Movies are about making people laugh/cry/be scared, not about being all analytical and deep.

    20 Oct 2004, 20:54

  3. You should try reading the LOTR books, then you'd really know what boredom is.

    20 Oct 2004, 23:25

  4. The Matrix. Yes. 'In Vogue'. But who really knew what the hell was going on most of the time???

    24 Oct 2004, 19:51

  5. Spot-on with 'LOTR'. Only saw the first one but it bored me to tears. Plot synopsis: They walk! They get attacked! They walk some more! They get attacked! They take the Key of Warthor and stick it in The Lock of Bibblybob to unleash ancient demons from the mystical Land of Mortwor! Fucking nonsense.

    And 'Moulin Rouge'? An atrocious, hysterical, screaming mess of a film. Also, why did everyone fail to notice that it's EXACTLY THE SAME FILM AS 'ROMEO & JULIET', but without even the vaguest semblance of depth? And don't try and pull any 'Postmodernist' stunts here. A potentially clever piece of shit is still a piece of shit.

    However, while your comments on 'Fahrenheit 9/11' are all valid, I would suggest that you fundamentally misjudge the film – it is what is: pure agit-prop, plain and simple. Of course it's unbalanced – when you're up against the most partisan, biased and virulent right-wing media network in the world, this isn't the time for fairness and subtlety. You can't swing a country one way with wishy-washy rhetoric when they're being bombarded on all sides with all-out propaganda.

    25 Oct 2004, 14:04

  6. Moulin Rouge is in the tradition of good old fashioned Hollywood escapist musicals, and good for a saturday night in with a friend. LOTR was good I thought, the effects were simply stunning, and I so want one of the elf headdresses!!!
    But I do agree with Chris about Farenheit 9/11's line-when there's one lot of propaganda going on, you need something pretty virulently the other way to get a balance, and maybe, just maybe, a few people will question both lines.

    25 Oct 2004, 16:04

  7. Didn't Chris Carter create the X-files? Anyway, Farenheit 9/11 is a fantastic drama-doc. If you live in America (and I have), you are bombared on a daily basis with political-religious self-righteous rhetoric from the Right (which becomes a weird sort of norm) and it's refreshing to hear the other side. Moore is trying to shock those who have been brain washed by the Religious Right into seeing that it's all just propaganda, not truth…...

    01 Nov 2004, 09:44

  8. I'm not sure what you base the tag 'overrated' on. Sure the public went en masse to the cinemas to see the movies you mention, but usually it's the critics that rate films right? I have to disagree with you on most – obviously coz I liked all the movies you mention – though indeed LOTR didn't do the text justice. Must be said however that it wasn't set out to follow the text (clear from e.g. Arwen's larger role etc.).

    Can't agree with you on Star Wars: I and II weren't rated that high and III, IV, V see M.Sanders' comment. Also, I love spectacle and that is indeed what these movies provide us with (including Moulin Rouge and LOTR).

    The Exorcist mainly seems funny nowadays but does contain classic scenes (again, which are now hilarious). Personally, I thought the atmosphere of the movie was quite thrilling, and it would have been a proper horror to me if I'd seen it at its time. Didn't see Fahrenheit so won't argue on that one.

    Anyway – I like the idea of this post but it would be great to see you argue against established 'masterpieces' e.g. American Beauty or the Usual Suspects. Personally, I don't like Memento but that's mainly coz I don't really get it… (OK I do but I didn't get it at the time).

    17 Dec 2004, 00:53

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