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October 24, 2004

Things I Hate: LOL, OMG etc.

The use of these new age so-called abbreviations is worse than those who don’t know the difference between it’s, its and ITS (IT Services, perhaps).

And then on MSN, there’s this awlful emoticons things which allow people to just reply using strange, meaningless symbols, leaving me to, effectively, talk to myself. First sign of madness.

How difficult is it to use English words, capitalise proper nouns and the start of a sentence and generally type in a respectable manner? Do you people actually type at a speed of three letter per minute such that it becomes impossible to do so? And wouldn’t a few words offer more comfort than a picture of an image of a smile?

It all very bad.

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I am a 23-year-old Economics, Politics and International Studies student at the University of Warwick, born and bred in Sunderbans, where I studied at Mount Hermon for several months.


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