September 27, 2005

well…here i am

yaaay! i'm at warwick – sat in my room in westwood on the first monday of term…. i have to sya i'm impressed.
as a student who never attended an open day, the surprise was most welcome…

not least of all – i'd like to thank the punksoc crew… seriously guys… i know you won't read this… but d000000ds…. thank you for a) making me feel welcome and b) MAKING MY INTERNET CONNECTION WORK!!!! cheers mike – i wasn't joking about the free beers…

maaaaaaaaan!!!! i'm so chuffed it's unreal… i got art brut tomorrow… looking forward to it…. i need to do some major german revision though… it would appear there's a test on wednesday….

well i'm off to post on the punksoc website…


that is all.

September 22, 2005

coffee is my lifeblood

I'm meant ot be cutting down. I usually drink it thick, black and and sugarless… however to appease certain parties… this morning it is weaker… and milkier…. \m/ >_< \m/ rawk.

Not sure why i'm up this early. As far as i was aware eight o'clock in the morning was an idea shortly scrapped after i left sixthform…. if not before i'f i'm totally honest. Couldn't sleep last night (would usually blame coffee but i don't have that luxury this time).

God these blogs are getting boring as fuck already, i need to take action… but after 2 hours sleep….. maybe i'll do it later and spare my poor head. Still no fags. Throat is taking the brunt, it feels like someone's ramming sandpaper down it. I was about to attempt to spell oesophagus…. but i thought that i might get hurt… oh… i ….. i don't even know if that's right… i nearly failed biology a-level…


This is the final day at "camp goldsworthy" as i move to my mums tonight. It's all a little bit emotional… in a really "yeah fuck off i want to go" kinda way.

What's green and loud?

A froghorn.

yeah ok! i suck… i know…. they just keep coming… it could be worse… i could be posting multiple reveiws on the boobahs…

The boobahs who, by the way, came from the wrinkly, steaming scrotum of Beelzebub himself. What the fuck are they?! Why are they?! There is nothing that can possibley justify these hideously disformed, insanely scary, dubiously named freaks of the world of kids tv. This isn't kids tv people, this is an invasion. And not the good kind. Not the kind of "Ok, so we've taken your freedom, country and individuality.... but here, have a coupon and a drink on the house.." kind of invasion. They don't come offering anything so simple as the Mk 19 Machine Gun. Oh no! They come bearing gifts of totally meaningless drivel that doesn't actually make any sense, even to the people who wrote the programme in the first place. HOW CAN A HUMAN BEING BE BEHIND THIS? Seriously! I got stuck on the website once… (i was drunk and felt like taking a risk…) It was like the worst acid trip you've ever seen! I swear i was about to run screaming into a wall just to stop the pain…

I….. i'm sorry… i got carried away. It's the coffee…. It is my lifeblood….

That is all.

September 21, 2005

Love A Sandwich Made From Bumblebee…

The best tuna in the sea is the tuna we call bumblebee….

yes. wise words from mesphiskapheles… download it. you know you want to…

Wow just ate a chilli seed… that was fun… i think i put too much chilli in my pumpkin soup…. i'm such a chilli whore :D well. today…. it's a…. wednesday unless i'm very much mistaken…. i am departing for my mothers tomorrow… and from there will arrive on campus on saturday… i'll be the one with too much crap to fit into my room….

finished defragging the scrap yard i call "my pc"... free space went from 3.11 gig to 3.56 gig…. it gave me an enormous sense of… well….. i'm lying i didnt feel anything except sheer relief at the fact i didn't have to stare at the "beshial windows" screen anymore….

[windows safe mode…. now with 4 colours!]

Well… this entry has been both random and a little nerdy… also pretty boring… i apologise to my avid fans….. or at least the people who stray in here when looking for the bar…

how about i finish with another joke? i might may it an daily occurance… this one's for you Mat…

An Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman walk into a bar.

The barman says, "Is this some kind of a joke?"...

That is all.


Invader Zim
5 out of 5 stars

Ok it's a five star situation here people… i am NOT messing about.

This programme, like many other childrens' programmes before it, has broken down the barrier between kids entertainment and adult humour. But unlike many shows before it, it has managed to do it with complete conviction and a totally mindblowing disregard for what is deemed acceptable for the eyes of younger veiwers. This dubious suitability is one of the major draws to the cartoon as far as i'm concerned. Along with the brilliant characters, excellent scripting, fantastic artwork… (i'm running out of positive adjectives..) and well….. GIR.

GIR is the best cartoon character of all time. This is merely my opinion, but some of the best quotes i've ever heard have come out of this little malfunctioning robot's mechanical mouth. Such classics as: “Can I be a mongoose dog?” and "Aw, I wanna watch the scary monkey show!" will no doubt be annoying the hell out of people i go drinking with…. Every second sentence ending with "I loveded you piggy! I loveded you!" tends to grate on people unless they know what the hell you're talking about…

Anyway… download Invader Zim. Until i can afford the boxset and a multiregional dvd player, i will be doing the same.

That is all.

September 20, 2005

Rough… Like whisky straight… No chaser…

check out mah bad self…. or at least moderately misbehaved self…

the theme of soph's blog this evening? I HAVE NO CIGARETTES! It was eating at me for ages…. something was wrong…. i was sitting here feeling like shit… i thought it was because i was subjected to boobahs earlier on in the evening… but then i realised…. i havent had a cigarette today. My conscious mind has been trying to surpress this fact…. and it suceeded…. until i coughed…. and tasted tar….. then realised i was missing nicotine…

So now i'm sat here agitated…. watching my other pc defrag in safe mode (or "windows for the beshial" as i like to think of it) and feeling more than a little stressed. I've lost a form that should have been sent to Warwick… i'm so fed up of this now… i just want to go and prop up the SU Bar for the weekend…

*What happens when frogs park illegally?

*They get toad.

i feel crap

That is all.

September 19, 2005

t–minus… err….. some days

I dunno what day it is today…. possibley monday judging by the way everyone is at work… in which case… 4 days to go! As much as i hate to become excited and uncool…....... w00000000000!

yeah…. it's only when i started packing that i realised how much sheer crap i've collected in my short 19 years of life…. I have a bob the builder etch-a-sketch…. that's right people…. bob the bulder!

i also have and abundance of pc's in my room…. last count there were three but there may be more in pieces… god there's so much crap…

I just bought a Freshers' Passport….. am i just gulliable? If so…. never mind… it's just another £40 into my overdraft…. crap i'm broke. I'll be easy to spot on campus…... i'm the one with the cardboard sign saying "Hungry" and the scabby looking dog…. i've just been had haven't i? _

Urgh… i'm so fed up of getting ready to go…. i just want to be there…

ok thats all i can be arsed with today…. i've got german literature to read…. w000t _

catcha later

That is all

September 18, 2005

Kung Foo Hustle

I'd like to review "Kung Foo Hustle"...

Here I go…


That is all.

Oh screwtits

I typed an entire entry…. and i lost it. It was careless of me i know but still…

well here's another one. Hmmm.. can i html on this baby? I haven't read the instruction leaflet… hmmm… let's have a gander…

Hello there sports fans...

What the hell… let's make that baby move…

Hello there sports fans...

yeah ok we've established that html works… THIS…. this is how bored i am…

The beautiful tunes of Polysics are helping though… as is the fact i've just set up my direct debit to take some pressure off my underpaid brain. It's been a tough few weeks and i need a break… how about a two week drinking spree? sounds good.

blinks here's me in my sith form… that's SITH not SIXTH

ok ok so my lightsabre shrunk and it's the wrong colour… but asides from that, i'm invincible!!...

god i'm such a sad act :( it's bad enough that i'm marrying someone who has actually gone to a gaming tournie (warhammer, cards, RP etc) … but the fact that i'm actually JEALOUS… that kinda makes me feel ill… i…. i'm such a nerd. If you want to find me in freshers week… i'll be the one sat in the corner with an ale and a small lightsabre…. and probably wearing a stupidly large etnies hoodie…

well.. there goes my will to do anything… so i'm gonna go eat… i've put on so much weight in the last couple of weeks… mainly cause i'm not going to be able to afford food in a weeks time lol… also because of boredom… and the fact i like food…. i'm bringing my wok with my to Westwood… beef strogonoff's on me people…. did i tell you i was a chef until i quit to go to uni? lol

see you around.

That is all.

modified: (shit forgot to close the tag….)
modified2: (yeah i give up.)

September 17, 2005

Who would've thought

it would appear that i got bored enough to do a follow up entry. don't get used to it people, it's not going to be a regular occurance.

the question is … what to write… well.. i think i'll do a little music bit… these are a few songs you should download…

Hilltop Hoods – The Nosebleed Section
Mika Bomb – Love Factor Five
Mephiskapheles – The Bumble Bee Tuna Song
Polysics – Eleki Gassen

That is all..

Anything else to report? oh…. yeah….

I have beef jerky. Also, i have been contemplating the meaning of everything that has ever come to pass… unfortunately progress was inhibited by the episodes of invader zim playing on my pc…

"hi floor! make me a sand'ich!" oh.. yes.. you must also get hold of invader zim episodes.

hmmm recently i've been annoyed by a lot of stuff…. like…. everything. i think i'm just a grouchy old bitch…

that's all for now


September 16, 2005

another day. another useless blog

Writing about web page

welp. here i am. about to embark on a journey like millions of 18/19 year olds before me. university. not just any university. oh no!. warwick.

who would have thought that me… a bone idle, lazy drunk, with a penchant for skiving and sleeping too much, would have ended up at one of the countries best universities? needless to say, i'm more than a little chuffed. and scared shitless i hasten to add.

anyway. me. i have a profile. its called "and in the beginning there were only badgers" or somethign like that. so look on there for stuff about me.

i should probably explain the badger theme… i… sigh ok i'll link you. the following link is to my old skool blog type thing… semiaquaticbadger. this should explain… kinda…

the origin


drop into westwood if you're bored. L224. it'll rawk \m/ >_< \m/...

that is all.

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