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September 30, 2004

current form of transportation: my 2 legs

So, I decided it's time for another update! Well, as you can see from the title of this blog, I have been walking EVERYWHERE. I really do miss my I could just get in and drive where ever…oh well..walking is good exercise..hehe.

So, for those of you who keep asking me "what time is it there???", it's 8 hours AHEAD …soo..count 1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs, etc…until you get to 8 hrs then stop and that's what time it is over here in England. ahem pei lyn cough.

I think that I have become more independent during the last 2 weeks. I've done my own laundry where it costs 1.80 per wash and 0.20 per dry (for 14 mins) so really you have to dry twice b/c your clothes are still damp. So, in total I spent 2.20 per load which is about $5 CDN. I've also been making food all by myself! wohooooo! well, actually, i haven't used the stove at all..haha..i've used the oven and microwave..i've become a pro at it. Also, my cousin's friends (Edwin and Wei Wen) have cooked a couple times for that's good too.

I've tried to make my dorm room as cozy as possible. All my flatmates have actually too. We're putting up posters and anything to cover the bare walls! My cuz brought me a duvet, duvet cover, pillow case and bed linens and wow..makes my bed soooo comfy now..b/c u know the sheets that come w/ the bed is well..kinda gross…they may be clean..but still..u get that bleah feeling about them.

I haven't wrote about my flatmates yet so I'll tell you guys a bit about them. There are 4 of them. Rose is from Toronto, 26 years old, Law school. Virginie is from Antwerp, Belgium, 19 years old, Economics. Veronica is from Madrid, Spain, 25 years old, doing research in the Chem lab. Noemi is from Barcelona, Spain, 23 years old, doing research in the Chem lab too. They are both post grads. Everyone is super nice. I'm closer and talk to Rose and Virginie more b/c the spanish girls don't really understand too much english and hang out w/ each other more. I'll put up pics of them later.

So, today I spent the entire day running around registering for classes. For those of you who complain about reg dates at UBC, you dont' know how lucky you are to HAVE a reg date and time and all you have to do is click a mouse to register. Because I'm based in the Warwick Business School, you have to register any classes that you want to take outside of your base department. For example, Business Ethics (philosophy dept), I had to go to their dept and get a student record form, fill it out get it signed my the "tutor" (prof) of that "module" (course) and then return it to the undergrad office of the phil dept. But it's different of each dept b/c I'm taking a sociology class and for that one registration was from 2pm-5pm in this room where everyone is fighting their way in and you have to line up to get forms from someone to fill out more information about which module you want and which "seminar" (tutorial) you want. It's quite a ridiculous amount of paper work if you ask me. Anyway, tomorrow I have 1 class: Service Operations Management. It's from 3pm-5pm. Should be interesting…listening to lectures in English accents is quite entertaining.. i just love how they speak…hehe.

Well, it's time for sleep. Good Night!

September 27, 2004

Sue Fern = my cousin, is finally HERE!

MY CUZ IS HERE!!!!!!!! yay! The sole reason of me doing an exchange program at the University of Warwick has finally arrived! hehe…yah i know i'm so lame.

Anyway, I actually just wrote an entire blog entry and it didn't show up! argggggggg! So i'll try and write it all

Yesterday, went to Warwick Castle…pretty cool. Got to go into the dungeon and climb like 530 stairs to the top of the towers and have an awesome view of the land…lots of green fields. I'll load up some pics for you guys to see. Also, there's a really cute pic of the dog house back then (that's for steph, pei and rumesh) thought you guys would enjoy that.

I also made dinner all by myself last night..yes quite impressive i know..well.i didnt' really have to cook anything..just used the oven..hehe.

So, I've come to notice that there are some really different things about England. First off, in Tesco there are 20 checkouts and you think "wow the lineups are going to move really fast" but no…they don't..and the cashiers all sit down and they scan stuff really slow. Secondly, the drivers here aren't as "pedestrians first" as in Canada. They are pretty speedy and you have to look both ways (i keep looking the wrong way first). Also, the wheels on the shopping carts at Tesco lock when you try to push the cart out of the parking lot b/c they don't want students pushing them back to's pretty crazy..something to do with magnets or something that make the carts lock…pretty smart though. There aren't very many zebra crossings on campus either (unlike UBC where there are like a million cross walks). Also, you are forever standing in a "queue" ( a line up) and waiting for everything.

Anyway, my cuz arrived at around 5pm and we went for dinner at a chinese buffet if you can believe it…haha. And she brought me bed linens and a duvet! i'm sooooooo excited…well..dorms have them but u feel kinda gross using them. I'm going to do laundry tomorrow! woohoo! fun's 1.40 wash per load and 0.50 dry per load. So, about less than $5 CDN …fun. Classes actually finally start tomorrow…but i'm making my schedule so i don't have classes on mondays..i was trying to get tuesdays too..but i don't think it's going to happen…haha. k..well.i'm going to bed now…seriously tired.

p.s. Kirsten – I have used the kleenex u packed me ..thanks.hehe..and i built the kindersurprise toy and i ate the jelly bellys..hehe..

September 25, 2004

Sue I + grocery shopping = ?!

So, yesterday was rainy and cloudy…but it was a good day. There were about 500 of us who went on a tour to Oxford city. It's a university town but the cool thing is that Oxford University itself is made up of 39 colleges – 38 co-ed and 1 all women. The buildings are all very historical and I took loads of pictures (of course). I'll see if i can put some up today. We were at Oxford from about 12noon – 4pm and had dinner at and then went to 'The Cooler' at the student union building (some club) which was pretty packed b/c all the international/exchange students were there.

Today is the last day of Orientation week…which means I have to start feeding myself…sigh… i've been eating 'fruit to go' that you guys got me – thanks! hehe..So, me and my friend Jinie (she's from Schulich Business School at York University in Toronto) went to Tesco to get groceries. We've both never had to buy groceries for ourselves ever! We actually did pretty well…had a little bit of trouble picking out meat..hehe..but we bought lots of stuff. I spent 13.17 pounds which is about $31 CDN…quite a lot for the amount of stuff i got actually – brocolli, cherry tomatoes, pita bread, milk, cereal, cheese, chicken, cookies, potatoes, apples, carrots…etc….fruit and veg is super expensive here. We brought our backpacks to stuff everything in it but it was soooo heavy and we still had bags we had to carry and it was about a 25 min walk back to our dorms! We were super tired and our backs hurt (I'm not whining…honestly)

Tonight's dinner was fish and chips and there was a barn dance..which was not we went to the student union to hang out instead. They allow smoking everywhere here and i'm not used to all the smoking's really nasty and all your clothes end up smelling..and apparently the alcohol on campus is subdized by the university so it's cheaper and they sell alcohol on the shelves in the grocery stores and i dont' think there's a law against consuming alcohol in public b/c ppl are walking around drinking beers..haha …it's an experience…anyway, i'm off to sleep…good nite =)

September 22, 2004

Finally arrived and almost unpacked!

Well, I've decided to set up a blog (to keep those of you who care up to date about my life here at Warwick..hehe..)

I have finally settled in my dorm room. I arrived yesterday at about 7:20am in London, Heathrow airport. Air Canada was horrible w/ customer service and probably that could be a reason they are going under. The immigration line-up was extremely long…like a line-up for a ride at Disneyland. When we came out to the arrivals there were Warwick orientation ppl holding signs and they led us to this big truck where we put all our luggage. Then we piled into a coach that took us the the university in Coventry which was about a 2 hr ride. The campus is pretty nice and big…not as big as UBC though, has about 16,000 students. We arrived at a huge tent – a marquee and got our orientation packages w/ meal vouchers, etc. We then went to get our accomodation keys and waited in another long lineup. My dorm room is quite nice, not too small and I have FLATMATES! how cute eh? There are 5 of us and we share the bathroom and kitchen. They are really nice and they are all girls – one from Toronto, Barcelona, and Belgium…one still hasn't arrived yet.

Anyway, it actually was pretty cold yesterday and there's a whole story behind our luggage. I didn't get my luggage until 11:30pm yesterday – 12 hours later from the time we arrived on campus. So of course I didn't have my jacket and was freezing. All the luggage got held up at the airport b/c apparently the trucking company didn't inform Heathrow that they were transporting the luggage for the university and Heathrow wouldn't let them leave b/c they thought they were highjacking all this luggage – about 850 students worth of luggage. It was a little frustrating. But while waiting for the luggage I met a girl from York who's here for a year, a guy who's caucasian but has lived in HK for the last 16 years of his life (he can't speak any chinese tho…too bad..haha) and 2 singaporean girls. I did some unpacking last night and put up some pics and a poster of Chad (thanks steph hehe and ur doodle rumesh) made my dorm room more cozy) and showered and finally got to bed at about 2 am. It was freezing last night too b/c they turn off the heat at night!! Who does that?! I had 2 sweaters on too (thanks sai low!).

I got up this morning at 7:30am and went to breakfast at 8:30am. The weird thing about the english is that the taps are separate so you have hot water coming out of one tap and cold water coming out of another…so u can't have WARM water b/c it doesn't come out of the same tap…it's a little annoying. Another thing is that they call bicycles: PEDALCYCLES, weird eh? So, today went to some info sessions and to Tesco (like a Walmart equivalent) and bought some hangers and 5 L of water….yah…I carried it all the way back to my dorm too…quite heavy. I'm totally missing my car…haha. And now I should be doing more unpacking but i'm writing this – killing some time before dinner at 6pm.

We'll be going to Warwick Castle on Saturday, so that should be cool and my cousin, Sue Fern, arrives on Sunday and I'm sooooo excited! I have taken some pics already too of couse and will try to get them on here soon.

Thanks for the emails (to those of you who wrote me!) and I'll try and keep this blog updated as much as i can….hehe…

~ Sue I


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